Big Brother 2018 has officially launched and the 14 housemates have started their eight-week journey to stardom.

This year’s batch includes a graphic designer, semi-professional footballer, a fast food restaurant worker and teenage vlogger Cameron Cole.

Cameron just about made the cut as one of the youngest ever Big Brother contestants, so let’s find out more about who this suited and booted kids really is.

Big Brother 2018 - Cameron Cole.

Big Brother 2018 – Cameron Cole.

Cameron is 18 Years Old

You have to be 18 years old to apply for Big Brother, meaning Cameron just about made the cut for this year’s series.

Few housemates enter the game this young, and even fewer go on to make the final.

Will the teenager miss his Playstation and video games too much? – not a joke, he’s actually a YouTube vlogger who makes videos about FIFA.

He Thinks Feminism is “Rubbish”

Now here’s a view that is sure to clash with others inside the Big Brother house.

Cameron may look a little different with his ‘fresh out of bed hair’ and an even more teenagery complexion, but here he is in a YouTube video titled “Feminism is Bullsh*t”.

Cameron is a FIFA Nerd

The Norwich lad lives at home with his parents, where he earns his money through YouTube videos.

His YouTube channel, MrFifaCam, has 7,299 subs. Some of his videos have reached as many as 42,000 views.

It may sound like a lot, but the AdSense on those sort of videos means that he’s probably earning enough to buy an extra packet or two of Super Noodles during his weekly grocery shop.

That’s about it.

He’s a Big Brother Fanatic

Cameron’s Twitter account is like a running commentary of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother.

As a man who doesn’t like to ‘follow the crowd’, you won’t find Camz tweeting about Love Island.

Nope, Cameron is a complete BB buff, and perhaps he was let on the show because he will be one of few people to break down and cry when the final series comes to an end.

Cameron Got a D in P.E

Talking about GCSE may sound a little weird but you have to remember that Cameron only got his results a couple of years ago.

In a bit of an aggressive YouTube video, Cameron lists his results.

  • B grades: Business studies, English Literature, Maths, History.
  • C grades: English Language, ICT.
  • D grades: P.E

Cameron continued to go on a rant about how he proved his teacher’s wrong, swearing and shouting as if he had gone on to win an Olympic 100-metre gold medal when he was told that he would never walk again.

He said:

I wanna just do this. I wanna do that (puts middle finger up to the camera) to the couple members of staff at that school who said from day one that I would never ever do sh*t.”

If only they’re watching him on Big Brother now…

He’s a Deep Thinker

During an interview with Big Brother, Cameron explained that he is keen to prove that not all teenagers are “sheep who think the world owes them everything”.

Philanthropist. Theorist. Ideologist. Cameron is a wise guru when it comes to social media.

Cameron Has a Peculiar Phobia

If you didn’t think Cameron Cole’s persona was quirky enough, number seven on our fact sheet is this:

Cameron has a fear of mushrooms and all animals.

We’re not sure what “all animals” means although we’re praying that the rations see Cameron with nothing left to eat than chicken and mushroom soup and Funghi pizza.