BBC One’s The Apprentice is back with a brand new series.

Series 14 is onto its second episode.

In episode 2 (Wednesday, October 10th) we said goodbye to David Alden.

Of the 14 remaining candidates, we have Camilla Ainsworth. Here are five things you didn’t know about Camilla!

Camilla Ainsworth The Apprentice

The Apprentice series 14 – BBC One

She’s a Fitness Enthusiast

Whether she’s completing a triathlon or maintaining her ‘relaxed’ gym routine, Camilla’s always doing something fitness related.

Surfing, shark-diving and snowboarding have all been ticked off her bucket list – this one’s clearly up for a challenge!

Camilla Went to the University of Manchester

Camilla spent 3 years at the University of Manchester studying Law.

It seems that Mills has ditched the idea of spouting legalese and has set her sights on founding her own company now, though.

Camilla Ainsworth Loves Mini Goats

Camilla never fails to surprise.

Nigel and Vincent Van Goat are Camilla’s pet pygmy goats.

She enjoys taking them for woodland walks and feeding them apples.

Camilla is the Founder of MylkPlus

The 22-year-old is the founder of MYLKPLUS.

They make dairy-free gourmet flavoured nut milks.

Camilla came up with the idea while travelling in Australia in 2017 as she struggled to find many tasty milk alternatives.

Screen Shot: Camilla Ainsworth is the founder of Mylk Plus – a nut milk brand

Camilla Ainsworth is Hardcore

This Lancashire lass is no wuss.

If Camilla is half as ambitious on The Apprentice as she is outside of the boardroom she’s onto a good chance of winning.

She’s completed Tough Mudders, climbed Mount Batur Bali Volcano and in January 2017 she came 7th in the World Swim Series being held in St Kilda, Australia.

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