Sian Hamshaw has officially joined the Big Brother 2018 house.

The 25-year-old waitress from Barnsley is now part of the last series of Big Brother on Channel 5. Yep, this is the last time Big Brother will air on Channel 5.

It remains to be seen whether or not another channel will pick up the show but, for now, this is the end of a Channel 5 era.

Anyway, we did some digging into Sian Hamshaw and found her Instagram. Here are her seven hottest Instagram pictures!

Sian Hamshaw.

1. #GirlsWithTattoos

Sian has been rinsing the hashtag #girlswithtattooos on Instagram.

From the swallow on her collarbone to the full leg sleeve, she is pretty covered.

2. Three Emotions. Five Seconds. One Picture

At first, we thought this was some kind of Halloween costume. The glittery skulls on the bikini give off that vibe, right?

Well, it’s actually just a holiday night out in Ibiza. Even though the tagged location is Barnsley.

Suppose they’re basically the same thing…

3. Displaying the Tattoos

Sian has a lot of tattoos adorning her body, making the simplest of outfits look a lot more vibrant.

4. She Took a Pic in Ibiza

Why is that all hopeful reality TV stars flock to Ibiza and just spam their Instagram accounts with photos of them in swimwear?

5. No Caption Needed

There was no caption needed for this one, apparently.

Clearly, the silver sarong speaks for itself. At least she got the tagged location right this time.

6. Ripped Jeans

The ripped jeans are showing off her thigh tattoos here. Nothing else is showing anything else off, though.

Nope. The hash-tag ‘get over it’ appears here, amongst others.

Clearly, she knows what she’s got, she’s not afraid to flaunt it, and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Definitely good for her.

7. All White

Sian is rocking the all-white look here. And she looks damn good doing it.

Interestingly, she has hash-tagged chav here. We don’t think we’ve anyone proudly hash-tag themselves as a chav before.

Good for her, we guess!