Bruno, London-born and Devon-raised, is a film enthusiast, budding screenwriter and self-published fiction author. Besides two major stints touring Europe and Asia by bicycle, Bruno has spent the first half of his 20s in the UK, France, China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
Candela is a journalist from Goldmsith’s University. She loves writing and expressing herself through words - and that can be done in Spanish, English, Catalan and even a little bit of French, the four languages she can speak!
A film and journalism graduate from Leicester with a passion for the arts. You’ll often find him watching films, listening to records, or writing about experiences with the two. And they say the perfect job doesn’t exist...
Darcy is a media and communications student who has a passion for social media, films and celebrity culture. If she's not watching Netflix she's out with friends, playing sports or shopping.
Joana is a second-year Media and Communications student specialising in journalism. Apart from pop culture, she loves interviewing people and telling their stories. She can relate anything about FRIENDS and listens to Christmas music in the summertime.
Journalism graduate and freelance writer with an interest in digital and pop culture, and a slight obsession with writing about TikTok and YouTube.
Olivia Olphin is a freelance journalist specialising in culture, film, sex education, as well as LGBTQ+ and women’s issues.
Paul is a Journalism graduate from Teesside University and an ever-hopeful Bolton fan. Paul has been published by the likes of Sky Sports News and loves to write about anything from football and films to video games and Formula 1.
HITC journalist and freelance science writer from Leeds, obsessed with everything Animal, YouTube, UFC, Anime and Gaming-related. Should probably get out in the sun more.
An Anthropology and Media student with a new obsession with League of Legends and Valorant, despite being really bad. If she’s not rewatching FRIENDS, she’s watching kdramas.