Alexandra Ciufudean

Alexandra Ciufudean is the Head of Entertainment at The Focus where she manages a growing team of outstanding writers. On a day-to-day basis, she hunts for the latest in online trends and keeps her finger on the pulse of US culture, politics, and celebs. Alexandra helped launch The Focus in 2020 and developed the site into an expert online news source. A language nerd through and through, she boasts 5 years of experience as an editor, writer, and content specialist across web, video, and social platforms, and a master's degree in Comparative Literature.

Caitlyn Hart

Caitlyn is a freelance journalist and editor. She has a degree in multimedia journalism from Glasgow Caledonian University and a HND from the City of Glasgow College. Her work has featured in various publications including The Gazette (Johnstone and Renfrewshire), The Ferret, Glasgow Standard, MXDWN UK, and Money Jar magazine. She has a varied portfolio that has covered everything from light-hearted entertainment news to hard-hitting investigative pieces. When Caitlyn isn’t working she can be found exercising with her cocker spaniel, which is a match made in heaven as both are nosy, sociable, and never take no for an answer. Caitlyn also enjoys yoga, reading, binging Netflix, and drawing/ painting in her spare time.

Celine Byford

Celine Byford is Reality Titbit's Managing Editor with more than six years of experience in the journalism industry. She earned her BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism degree and NCTJ from Bournemouth University in 2019, which went alongside her role as editor for The Tab Bournemouth and Radio Jackie's newsreader during term breaks. Her first career break involved moving to Southampton to work as a reporter for the local newspaper Daily Echo before she later joined GRV Media as a freelancer in 2020. She helped boost Reality Titbit website views by millions and was promoted to the site's editor in August 2021. If a new reality series is out on Channel 4 or ITV (Oh hey, I'm A Celebrity), then Celine's watching it.

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Chaitra Krishnamurthy has been a Content Manager at GRV Media since July 2021 and her role primarily involves coverage of news and feature stories for HITC and occasionally RTB. She completed her Master's Degree in Communication in 2018 from CMS Jain University and her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Mount Carmel College Bangalore, India. She has since written and managed content for multiple outlets. Chaitra has over five years of experience in journalism and looks forward to broadening her horizon in the industry. When she’s not writing, you can find Chaitra canoodling with her pets or daydreaming.

Danny Munro

Danny Munro is a Freelance Entertainment Reporter at GRV Media sites HITC and The Focus and is currently in his third year of a Journalism and Politics degree at the University of Strathclyde. From Twitter to TikTok, his finger is constantly on the pulse of the latest online trends and a typical shift will see him write about anything from The Kardashians to politics and everything in between. He is also passionate about all things music and edits the music section in his university paper, The Strathclyde Telegraph.

Darcy Rafter

Darcy is an experienced journalist working on GRV Media’s audience team across The Focus, Reality Titbit, and HITC. Darcy studied Media and Communications at Goldsmiths University and whilst there she completed a work internship with GRV Media. After gaining a first-class BA (Hons) degree, Darcy joined the team full-time. Since then she has become a social media specialist and her expertise lies in tracking trends. With five years of experience in media, she is particularly passionate about celebrity culture and entertainment. When she’s not writing about The Kardashians, she’s binge-watching it!

Disha Kandpal

Disha Kandpal is an entertainment journalist at GRV Media’s websites HITC and Reality Titbit. After getting her BA in Political Science degree in 2018, Disha decided to pursue her long-time desire of working in entertainment media and writing for a living. Working closely with the maestros at GRV Media for almost two years now, Disha has learned many tricks of her trade and is more in love with the world of entertainment and writing than ever. When she’s not reading about the latest celebrity gossip or checking trends, Disha spends her time learning new languages.

Ellissa Bain

Ellissa is the Head of Trending Content at GRV Media and oversees the Trending section of HITC. She graduated with a BA in History and Journalism in 2020 and is an entertainment journalist who writes about all things pop culture, celebrity, and social media and uses SEO and Google Trends to find the latest viral stories. She is a social media expert who always has an eye on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, keen to stay updated with all the trends. When she’s not typing away at her laptop, she loves everything fashion and travel.

Eve Edwards

Eve Edwards is a staff writer for The Focus who has been with GRV Media since April 2019. Having gained a BA (Hons) in History from the University of Bristol, Eve joined GRV starting out as a writer for Reality Titbit before making her way over to HITC. With a passion for music, TV, and cultural news, Eve eventually found a home at The Focus. Eve spent 2021-2022 freelancing for GRV Media while she completed a Masters in Music Performance, and brings her wide array of interests to the company in her written work. In Eve's spare time you'll find her working her way through the day's Wordle, Heardle, and Quordle, or struggling to complete The Guardian's cryptic crossword.

Filiz Mustafa

Filiz Mustafa is a senior editorial assistant at GRV Media, writing on HITC, Reality Titbit, and The Focus. She has five years of journalism experience and has developed an eye to spot breaking stories and gained excellent skills to dive deep into online platforms to find the latest trending story. With a Master's degree in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff University, Filiz covers various topics, from entertainment stories and SEO-focused stories to in-depth explainers. When she's not busy creating content, she loves spending time in nature, reading non-fiction books, eating comfort food, and traveling.

Helen Williams

Helen Williams is a staff writer at Reality Titbit with over seven years of experience in the journalism field. She graduated from Solent University with a BA in Journalism in 2018 and went on to study Marketing at the postgraduate level in 2020. Helen joined GRV Media in 2018 when Reality Titbit first launched. She is a part of the team who developed the website to its current position of drawing in over 5 million views monthly. Her career also saw her spend time at Screen Rant as a reality TV writer in 2020. Nowadays, Helen spends her days writing about anything from trending Netflix shows like Too Hot To Handle to The Real Housewives and 90 Day Fiancé.

Jasmyne Jeffery

Jasmyne Jeffery is a full-time writer on Freshered after working freelance with GRV Media previously. She attended the University of South Wales where she was also a student blogger. In 2022, she graduated with a first-class honours degree in English and Creative Writing. Jasmyne worked briefly for her local newspaper before heading to university and completing an internship at a publishing company. She is now pursuing and loving a career in journalism. Jasmyne has a particular interest in student news, entertainment, and social media, whilst also (trying!) to help put the world to right. Originally from North Devon, she is currently loving the small-city life in Cardiff.

Jessica Hamilton

Jessica Hamilton is a freelance writer for HITC entertainment and has contributed to several sights across GRV media. She is currently on the MA journalism course at Kingston University and is working towards the NCTJ gold standard diploma which she will receive in April. Jessica has had years of experience writing and, like any young journalist, is keen to gain more. Currently residing in London, she is the editor of the Kingston Courier and has even court-reported at the Old Bailey.

Joshua Rogers

Joshua is a Senior Sports Writer at GRV Media with over five years of experience in online writing and editing. After receiving a BA (Hons) in Ancient History and an MA in Sports Journalism, he became a writer for a leading social publisher with over 7 million Facebook followers. Joshua then joined Reach PLC, covering the 2018 World Cup for The Mirror Online and regional publications like the Liverpool Echo. He then moved to a social media marketing agency and content studio, Brave Bison, acting as Website Editor for The Hook. Joshua now oversees all sports content on The Focus, specializing in NBA, NFL, F1, and tennis, while also keeping a close eye on his beloved Manchester United.

Kelsie Dickinson

Kelsie is an entertainment journalist for She recently graduated from the University of Glasgow, obtaining a Master's Degree in Film & TV Studies. She is a passionate freelance writer, developing her career as a TV and Film critic working as a Staff Writer for and a former List Writer for She has had critical essays published by various independent online publications. Outside of this, you'll normally find Kelsie in a cinema. She is a lover of any and all things horror, spending the majority of her free time watching, reading, or writing about the genre.

Kiesha Dosanjh

Kiesha is a writer at Reality Titbit, with 6 years of experience in the media industry. Alongside this, she also produces and co-hosts her own podcast. After graduating with a Journalism degree (with NCTJ accreditation) in 2016, she had a career in social media for 5 years. Doing this, she helped several media and e-commerce companies grow in both following and engagement on their sites by creating unique, engaging content and overseeing social strategies. Now, instead of posting on social media for a living, she writes about those who do.

Kim Schewitz

Kim Schewitz is a London-based staff writer at The Focus and HITC. She is a gold-standard NCTJ-qualified journalist with a passion for pop culture, politics, feminism, and trends. She has previously written for publications including The i paper and Glamour UK and previously worked in local news. Kim graduated from the University of Bristol in 2020 with a first-class degree in French and Spanish. She is passionate about modern languages and has spent time living in Paris and Barcelona.

Liam Curtis

Liam Curtis is Head of Entertainment and Gaming content at GRV Media and oversees all strategic content output on The Focus, Reality Titbit, and HITC. Having gained a BA (Hons) degree in journalism in 2012, Liam boasts over 10 years of experience in the field and has held a variety of media positions from YouTube presenter to social media manager and feature writer. He launched Reality Titbit in 2018 as the sole writer on the platform and developed the website from ground zero to over 5 million views per month. Nowadays, however, Liam spends a lot more time staring at Google Analytics and Google Trends than he does watching Love Island.

Prerna Nambiar

Prerna Nambiar works as a freelancer at GRV Media. She has always loved the world of entertainment and her interest pushed her to continue a career as an entertainment writer even after she graduated from the University of Leeds. Since joining GRV Media, she has published stories on HITC and Reality Titbit. With over four years of experience as an entertainment writer, Prerna likes to indulge in the latest celebrity gossip while keeping up with new releases. In her free time, Prerna likes to binge-watch the latest animes and TV shows.

Shriya Swami

Shriya Swami joined as the Social Media Editor for Entertainment after graduating with First Class BSc (Hons) in Business Management, and MSc in Marketing from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. She started off her career with a finance and marketing internship and then found her passion in the media industry. She has been working as a social editor and feature writer. When not working, she can be found obsessing over Asian celebrities and showbiz. Shriya is all about exploring the K-World and global entertainment culture. She is an avid snowglobe collector too!

Yasmine Leung

Yasmine Leung is a full-time writer at GRV Media. Having entered the company as a freelancer in 2020 during her BA (Hons) Anthropology and Media degree at Goldsmiths, University Of London, the first-class graduate works across the company's several sites, including HITC, Reality Titbit, The Focus, and Forever Geek. Her content ranges from social media trends and K-Pop news, to interviews with TikTok stars, such as Brody Wellmaker. She is, however, most glad her knowledge of the Kardashians has finally come in handy for GRV’s Audience team. You'll also find her scrolling on Instagram searching for the latest celeb updates for her next piece.