BBC: 12 Puppies and Us pay tribute to Meg - a look back at the border collie's life!

Border collie Meg has been a key part of the BBC’s 12 Puppies and Us series – but fans were devastated to learn she had died after filming.

Meg, who was handled by 16-year-old Victoria, was given training to see if she had what it took to be a working sheep dog on their family farm.

Victoria’s family was given six weeks to help Meg master crucial obedience skills. However the BBC series recently paid tribute to the border collie.

Let’s take a look back at Meg’s life and time on the show…

Screenshot: Meg, 12 Puppies and Us, Series 1 Episode 1, BBC

The beginning of Meg’s life

Border collie Meg was first seen in the series at nine weeks old. Even then, he had “record-breaking IQ and unbeatable stamina”.

As the dog breed is the number one breed for sheep herding, Victoria began to train Meg with hopes for her to become a working sheep dog.

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In the first week, she said Meg had been “quite a bit of a madam”.

Meg hadn’t been listening to Victoria, especially when she was taken to a field for training purposes.

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Meg’s journey on 12 Puppies and Us

At 14 weeks old, Meg had her first assessment to see if she had a natural instinct for sheep herding.

Victoria had to try to encourage Meg not to be nervous around sheep, while the border collie also had the task of mastering an intense gaze near sheep.

Proving to still be a bit stubborn at 22 weeks, there was a breakthrough and Meg appeared to become interested in the sheep!

Victoria said she saw border collie Meg as a “friend” and a “companion”. But viewers were saddened to hear some news at the end of the second episode.

BBC pay tribute to Meg on 12 Puppies and Us

The BBC show paid tribute to Meg at the end of episode 2.

A statement read: “Sadly sheep dog Meg died in a road accident one month after filming ended.”

Fans were devastated to hear about the news…



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