How to get your Perfect Planet poster from the BBC - and open university explained!

As David Attenborough brings a sense of calm with his Perfect Planet BBC series, many are wondering how to get their free poster.

Viewers are shown how animals adapt to changes in the world, such as the uneven amount of sunlight that hits the earth.

The BBC series is now encouraging people to take on open university course and to get a free poster to educate people on how the earth operates.

So here’s how the open university works – and how you can get a poster!

Programme Name: A Perfect Planet – TX: n/a – Episode: Volcano (No. n/a) – Picture Shows: After a five mile march, the creche reaches the freshwater springs at the edge of the lake where the adults have been feeding. – (C) Silverback Films 2018 – Photographer: Grab. Picture: BBC

How to get a free A Perfect Planet poster

A poster which details how the world works can be ordered for free.

Basically providing a round-up of the BBC series, you can order one for yourself from the OpenLearn website, which offers free courses.

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Then, go to the TV & Radio section and click on A Perfect Planet.

Click on ‘Order Your Free Poster’, which comes up with a picture of the poster underneath. Click on the picture of the poster, then fill out the form on the new page that loads. Then select the ‘Request a Publication’ option.

And voila, it should be on its way to you! The poster comes with an explanation on light, water, oceans, volcanoes, life and humans.

What is A Perfect Planet open university?

OpenLearn and the BBC are encouraging people to take on open university courses relating to A Perfect Planet.

Open university involves studying online, which can include opportunities such as hands-on laboratory and fieldwork, in your own time.

It can be done full-time in 3 years or part-time in 6 years – at a cost of £3,096 for the Natural Sciences course, as an example.

There are qualification courses available, such as:

  • BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences
  • BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  • BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science

If you would rather do a free course in your own time, they can be done much quicker. For example, the ‘Watching the weather’ option takes 10 hours to complete. They offer:

  • Watching the weather
  • Introducing the environment: Ecology and ecosystems
  • An introduction to geology
  • THE CHASE: Who is Darragh Ennis? Age, nickname and real job!

A Perfect Planet: Episode guide

The BBC series is a five-part series which finished airing on January 3.

All the episodes can be watched on BBC iPlayer for free.

However, those who prefer to watch programmes on TV are in luck, as some episodes from the series are being shown in upcoming days.

Here is the A Perfect Planet TV guide for January, which airs on BBC One:

  • The Sun episode 2: Sunday 10th, 8pm
  • The Sun episode 2: Sunday 17th, 4.35pm
  • Weather episode 3: Sunday 17th, 8pm
  • Volcano episode 1: Thursday 21st, 2.30am



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