Ade Adepitan's wife, Linda Harrison, is a seriously cool pop singer: Meet her on Insta!

Children in Need is the BBC’s UK charity. The cause holds an annual televised fundraiser and in 2019 the show aired on BBC One from 7:30 pm on November 15th.

Families up and down the country are helped every year by Children in Need as money is raised for various charities up and down the UK that help disadvantaged children.

Ade Adepitan co-presented Children in Need 2019 with Tess Daly leading viewers to wonder who the TV host’s wife is.

Let’s meet Linda Harrison, Ade Adepitan’s other half!

Children In Need Picture Shows: Ade Adepitan

Who is Ade Adepitan’s wife?

TV Presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan is married to singer Linda Harrison.

Linda hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, while Ade was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

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The pair met in 2010 at the NTA Awards. Speaking to Reality Titbit, Linda said: “January 2020 will be our 10 year anniversary.”

In an interview with Bustle, Ade said of their engagement: “I took her to Lake Como and the hotel staff set up a table with champagne, strawberries and candles. When I pulled out the ring she said: ‘I don’t care if you are in a wheelchair, you still have to get down on one knee.'”

The pair married at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on August 19th 2018.

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Do Linda Harrison and Ade Adepitan have kids?

By the looks of things, Linda and Ade don’t have any children just yet.

However, babies could be on the horizon as the pair married over a year ago. And according to a report from Hello! Magazine in 2018, Ade and Linda “would love to have children one day soon.” Ade said: “I don’t want to be a doddery old dad.”

Meet Elle Exxe on Instagram

Ade’s wife is actually a singing sensation.

She tells Reality Titbit that she first started out singing by busking in Edinburgh with friends. Linda dropped out of school and at 17 years of age, stayed in her room while everyone else went out and wrote songs. She started posting her music to YouTube. And after gaining popularity, producers and people from the music industry started to contact her.

And although some of us may not have heard of her, she has a popular playlist on Spotify and is something of an electro-pop superstar.

Her number one song on Spotify, Unspoken, is a dance-dub-step-style song with over 230,000 listens.

Elle Exxe is described on Ade Adepitan’s website: “On stage, she’s a wild, and charismatic performer with a powerful voice that compliments her self-styled infectious electro rock-pop sound.”

Elle can be found on Instagram as @elleexxe with over 3,000 followers.

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