MasterChef: Who is Alex Webb? Meet the Professionals heat 2 chef on Instagram!

Alex Webb impressed the judges on MasterChef heat 2, making it through to the next round. Meet the Professionals chef on Instagram!

He is one of over 30 contestants trying to make their mark on MasterChef: The Professionals, which is now on its second week.

Alex was among 3 other chefs competing for their place in the quarter finals, and he was put through alongside chef Jono.

So who is Alex Webb? Let’s meet the heat 2 chef on Instagram!

Masterchef: The Professionals S13 – Heat 4 (No. Heat 4) – Picture Shows: Rich, Alex, Jono, Hira – (C) Shine TV – Photographer: Production

Who is Alex?

Alexander Henry Webb, 25, is head chef at Square 1 restaurant, in Dunmow, Essex. The contestant says he has been a chef since he was 14 years old.

He started out working as a pot wash at the same restaurant that he currently works at, before going off to learn from different restaurants, and returning to showcase his skills.

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He has already announced that he will be working on Christmas Day this year, making festive dinners for customers!

Alexander, who calls himself Chef Webb, also has a cockapoo called Truffle.

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Alex on MasterChef: The Professionals

The chef had quite the effect on the MasterChef: The Professionals judges.

He was asked to butcher a chicken, debone the thighs and cook them with asparagus and a brandy, mushroom and mustard cream sauce, in 20 mins.

In the second test, where Alex made his own dishes, he made steamed brill, stuffed with a black trompette and scallop mousse, topped with a crispy potato and served with a burnt onion puree, baby pickled onions, asparagus and sea herbs, finished with a chicken sauce and onion oil.

For dessert, he made a strawberry pavlova dome with strawberry powder. Inside was a strawberry compote, yuzu curd and whipped clotted cream.

The judges were pleased with Alex’s cooking skills, and chose him to be put through to the quarter finals!

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Alex on Instagram

Alex didn’t seem very active on Instagram before – but he has began posting more since he started his debut on MasterChef: The Professionals.

Dishes, updates on life as a chef, and even occasional pup updates for his followers are all on there. His dog Truffle turned 1 recently!



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