Nick Hall is an auctioneer, valuer, antique expert and TV personality best known for his appearances on BBC shows Bargain Hunt and Flog It! According to Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers’ official website, Nick has more than 30 years’ experience as an auctioneer and valuer, dealing with all aspects of antiques. 

Born in Findon, West Sussex, he has been part of Bargain Hunt for more than 14 years and has excelled in his career and personal life. 

Truth Be Told | Official Trailer | E60

Truth Be Told | Official Trailer | E60

Nick Hall’s estimated net worth 

The Parentage estimates Nick Hall’s net worth at $1 million (£880,000). His salary as an antique expert on Bargain Hunt and as associate director, principal auctioneer and valuer at Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers isn’t public knowledge so it is unclear how the publication came to that figure. 

He has been a valued member of Bargain Hunt for more than 14 years and his love and passion for antiques is clearly a major part of his life. 

He will have also made some of his money through the other BBC shows he has appeared on including Flog It and Flog It: Trade Secrets.

Nick says ‘antiques chose him’

Nick Hall attended Angmering School in West Sussex and, although he went on to attend college in Sussex, he quit sixth form to join the antiques trade. 

Speaking about why he choose a career in antiques, the Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers’ associate told the BBC

I think it chose me! In my late teens after I left sixth form college in Sussex I decided that, rather than go on to further education, I’d rather get out into the real world, get my hands dirty and find something interesting to earn a living at! 

After applying for a job at an auctioneers, he started as a porter the following Monday. Nick explained:

I very quickly ‘got the bug’ for antiques and art, and developed a hunger to learn about this fascinating and wonderful enigma of a business. With a combination of on-site learning, fine art courses and reading everything I could get my hands on, I rose to senior valuer and director at that same sale room. 

Nick Hall on Bargain Hunt

Nick is an expert on BBC Antiques show Bargain Hunt, where he regularly appears alongside presenter Roo Irvine and fellow expert Izzie Balmer, among others. Speaking about how he got involved in Bargain Hunt, Nick told the BBC:

I was first involved with the BBC as an antique expert with Flog It. I had arranged for them to film at the sale room in Sussex I was then director of, and they asked me to screen test as an expert.

Nick went on to add that years later the producers of Bargain Hunt approached him and asked whether he would like to become one of their experts too. Obviously he’s enjoying the opportunity. He said: “I absolutely love it.”


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