Meet the Antiques Road Trip 2021 presenters: Roo Irvine and David Harper!

Antiques Road Trip is back in 2021 with series 22, let’s get to know the presenters of the BBC show – Roo Irvine and David Harper!

Antiques Road Trip sees the two presenters of the show compete with one another in a bid to make more money from buying and selling antiques. Both hosts are experts in the antiques field and they have five auctions to attend in order to raise the most money which then goes to charity.

Screenshot: Antiques Road Trip Roo Irvine – BBC One

Who are the Antiques Road Trip 2021 presenters?

Antiques experts Roo Irvine and David Harper are the Antiques Road Trip series 22 presenters.

Series 22 of the show kicks off from May 10th 2021 at 4:30 pm on BBC One.

Narrated by Tim Wonnacott, Antiques Road Trip has been running since 2010. The BBC show has previously been hosted by other antiques dealers including Angus Ashworth, Izzie Balmer, Tim Medhurst, Philip Serrell and Charles Hanson.

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Who is Roo Irvine?

Arusha “Roo” Irvine describes herself as an “antique hunter” on Instagram.

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She also writes that she’s a “Serial Foodie, Glass Lover, Cat Nut, Imaginary Caped Crusader for Animals and BBC Antiques Roadtrip Expert” with her “Heart firmly sewn onto sleeve“.

Roo, 30, has an IG following of around 2,600 and a further 8,227 followers on Twitter @rooirvine.

The BBC show presenter’s love for cats is evident from her IG page. By the looks of things, Roo loves a Maine Coon cat.

According to her website, she has a husband called Mark.

Meet antiques expert David Harper

David Harper is also an antiques buff. Follow David on Instagram @davidharperart where he has over 2,000 followers.

He describes himself as a “Painter” and “Antiques TV Presenter” on IG. David, 54, also plugs his YouTube channel in his IG bio – David Harper TV.

He often takes to YouTube to share videos on how to make money buying and selling antiques as well as travel videos such as a “lazy man tour” of London. He also started an ‘Antiques & Vintage Quiz’ on the channel in 2021.

David is clearly a lover of his Border Terrier, Rosie, who often features on his social media channels. He’s married and his wife is called Wendy Harper.

David has appeared on many TV shows in his time including Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Cash in the Celebrity Attic, Bargain Hunt, Celebrity Masterchef and Celebrity Eggheads.



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