Bargain Hunt auctioneer Charles Hanson appears to have changed his appearance, and fans can’t figure out why. Is it the hair or teeth?

His teeth have always been a topic of conversation among BBC viewers, and recently, several of those who tuned in wondered if he had them fixed.

We have the lowdown on the BBC expert’s teeth and hair, and can explain exactly why his appearance seems to have transformed.

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Has Charles Hanson fixed his teeth?

Although Charles hasn’t publicly spoken out about having his teeth fixed, they appear to be significantly straighter than they were before.

In earlier episodes of Bargain Hunt, he had crooked teeth which were not straight, and made his mouth appear in a certain way.

In recent pictures though – as of September 2021 – the auctioneer seems to have completely transformed, and now has straight teeth.

The change did not go amiss from fans, who first noticed his new teeth during the November 2nd episode.

Before Charles is thought to have fixed his teeth, he appeared significantly older than he looks now. However, he has not confirmed these rumors.

Charles’ teeth and hair journey

The 43-year-old certainly looks younger following the alleged teeth straightening procedure!

His teeth aren’t the only part of his appearance that Bargain Hunt viewers have commented on before. His hair loss was also a subject among fans.

The auctioneer lost some of his hair after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012, and underwent chemotherapy for treatment.

One fan asked him: “Carlos where has your hair gone? Why the cropped hair? Hope you are well & still enthusiastic about real antiques peace.”

Charles then responded with: “hair loss the result of chemo I’m afraid but touch wood it’s coming back….thin but curly!!”

While some viewers think he got a hair transplant, he has never revealed that he actually got one done. Instead, it looks like it has grown back since.

Viewers react to Charles’ new teeth

Bargain Hunt fans have only recently noticed that Charles has new teeth, which are much straighter than they were before.

One fan said Charles looked “very smart”, while another said he had “borrowed Roberto Firmino’s teeth”!

The football player has extreme pearly whites, having asked for “Maximo” teeth whitening from his dentist.

Others aren’t so much a fan of Charles’ new gnashers, with a viewer saying he looked “strange”. However, it might just take some getting used to!



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