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chris packham animal einsteins location

BBC: Chris Packham Animal Einsteins filming location explored

Anyone who watched episode 1 of Chris Packham Animal Einsteins on February 21st 2021 may wonder about the show’s filming location. Let’s take a look at where the BBC series took famous naturalist Chris…

Chris Packham Animal Einsteins aims to get inside the minds of nature’s savviest species. From bees to crows, chimpanzees to meerkats, Chris investigates the brains of the world’s cleverest animals and compares their intelligence to that of humans.

Screenshot: Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins – BBC Two

Animal Einsteins location explored

The exact Animal Einsteins location has not been revealed by the BBC. However, the series looked as if it took Chris Packham across the globe.

New Caledonia, the Kalahari Desert and Japan were all locations featured on Animal Einsteins, however, it’s unlikely that Chris was actually able to travel during the series filming.

Speaking to the BBC, Chris said: “I got to ride a couple of camels, Bactrians, and I like camels.” However, it’s likely that this was in the UK. Chris also said: “Sometimes people imagine it’s because you get to travel places – not at the moment obviously – or you get to meet the animals – not so much at the moment obviously.”

Is Animal Einsteins filmed at Chris Packham’s house?

It’s unlikely that the house used for filming Animal Einsteins is Chris Packham’s house. The mansion featured on the show was most likely used for the BBC programme.

Chris Packham’s poodles, Itchy and Scratchy, appear in the house on the show. However, in an interview with Country Living, Chris described his home as very colourful and the mansion on Animal Einsteins seems to have a more neutral look.

It’s unclear exactly where the modern mansion is located. According to Country Living, “they are unfortunately not able to share details of the property due to BBC editorial policy.”.

Screenshot: Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins – BBC Two

Where does Chris Packham live?

Chris Packham was born in Southampton in 1961 and he still calls his the county of Hampshire home today. Chris lives in the New Forest.

As per Chris’ Twitter, he moved house on July 20th, 2020. So, the house seen in many of his previously posted videos would now be an old one.

The nature-expert has often been targeted and has had multiple dead animals left outside his home as he is a prominent animal cruelty campaigner. So, it’s no wonder that Chris chose to move home!

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