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BBC: How to access Autumnwatch's live cameras for 2020!

Autumnwatch is back on our screens for the most weekday evenings until November 6th. But if that wasn’t enough, here’s how viewers can access the BBC’s live wildlife cameras for 2020!

The very best of the wild autumn season will be showcased on BBC Autumnwatch, with a similar take on their Springwatch series.

Taking us to 4 filming locations in the UK, the sights of animals and nature can be discovered for an hour each night from Tuesday to Friday.

Can we see the animals for ourselves throughout the day? Here’s how!

Screenshot: Episode 1, Autumnwatch 2020, BBC

How do you access the show’s live cameras?

Autumnwatch 2020 is showcasing a live stream showing British wildlife for 12 hours every day, with the main series taking place for an hour during the evenings (Tuesday to Friday).

Here’s how to access Autumnwatch’s live cameras:

Step 1: Visit the BBC Autumnwatch website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Watch our live wildlife cameras‘ under the tab options.

Step 3: Select the play button and voila, you will usually see some cute animals and parts of nature.

Step 4: If preferred, you can also select the multiview option in the bottom right hand corner to access the 4 different cameras at once.

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When can you access the live cameras?

  • 11am to 11pm

Autumnwatch’s live coverage of the UK’s wildlife began at 11am on Monday 26 October and finishes at 9pm on Friday 6 November.

Outside of these times, the live cameras cannot be accessed.

How does it differ to the Autumnwatch show?

The live cameras feature seal pupping from the Isle of May and British wildlife from the New Forest, as well as badgers, seeing what realistically happens for the animals in their natural habitats.

However the main Autumnwatch series will see presenters take us through their local areas, visiting nearby nature and animals.

In the first episode, Chris watched autumn transform his New Forest home while Iolo was at the Centre of Alternative Technology in west Wales.

Gillian visited a wildlife restoration project in South Yorkshire, and Michaela was seen in Fife at a NatureScot reserve, where she reported live on a giant grey seal breeding colony on the nearby Isle of May.



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