BBC: Meet Antiques Roadshow expert Alexandra Aguilar on Instagram!

Antiques Roadshow has been running since 1979. Onto its 43rd season in 2021, the BBC show is a fan favourite to sit down to on a Sunday evening.

The show, presented by Fiona Bruce since 2008, sees many people travel from all over the UK to have their cherished items valued.

From family heirlooms to charity shop gems, all kinds of antiques are placed in front of the Roadshow experts. The antiques experts who appear on the show are often the bearers of exciting news for the owners of various valuable items. From diamonds and pictures and prints to ceramics, furniture and much more, their knowledge knows no bounds! So, let’s get to know Alexandra Aguilar.

Screenshot: Alexandra Aguilar Antiques Roadshow – BBC

Antiques Roadshow: Who is Alexandra Aguilar?

Alexandra Aguilar is a ceramics and glass expert who appears on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

She specifically specialises in netsuke – miniature sculptures which originated in 17th century Japan.

Alexandra hails from France, loves history and is based in the South of England.

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Alexandra Aguilar: Career 

When it comes to Alexandra’s job, studies and interests, it looks as though she’s been working hard in her field for years and has some unique hobbies.

According to her LinkedIn page, Alexandra studied a degree in History of Art and Archaeology in 2005 and graduated in 2007 in her home city of Dijon in France. She also studied at The University of Manchester and later gained a Masters degree at The University of Edinburgh in 2010.

In her time, Alexandra has worked as a French tutor, a research assistant, a freelance editor, a sales assistant and more recently as an auctioneer, cataloguer and valuer.

She joined Antiques Roadshow in 2018 and is currently the head of Woolley & Wallis’s Asian Art department in Salisbury, UK.

Meet Alexandra Aguilar Domeracki on Instagram

With almost 2,000 followers, Alexandra can be found on Instagram under the handle @alexaguilardomeracki. She’s also on Twitter @Domeraguilar.

As per her IG, Alexandra has a dachshund named Momo (who has her own Instagram page here (@momotheminidoxie). Her love for netsuke is clear from Instagram as the BBC star often posts photos of her favourite antiques.



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