BBC: What is The Chefs’ Brigade about? Rules, cast and more!

There’s a new cooking show coming to BBC 2 which is about to switch up the conventional cookery contest format: The Chefs’ Brigade.

The kitchen team is the key ingredient to a restaurants’ success. You need to be a slick and quick team, with some of the best and most dedicated chefs in the world to reach Michelin-star standard.

And that is what they are seeking to achieve in this brand new competition series.

So how will the show work? Here’s everything you need to know about The Chefs’ Brigade, from its start date, contestants and the chefs leading the way.

The Chef’s Brigade (C) Expectation Entertainment Limited – Photographer: James Wicks

What is The Chefs’ Brigade about?

The show sees a bunch of talented young chefs from pubs, cafes and catering companies turn into Michelin-star talent, known as The Chefs’ Brigade.

Over six weeks they will develop their skills under the guidance of Michelin-starred chefs. And rather than competing against each other, as with other conventional cookery shows such as Masterchef, they will be competing as a team.

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They will travel around Europe during the show to hone their craft and compete against some of Europe’s best brigades in their finest restaurants.

This brand new series starts on Tuesday, July 30th at 9 pm on BBC 2. There will be six episodes in total over the coming weeks.

Meet The Chefs’ Brigade host

The Michelin-starred chef leading The Chef’s Brigade is Jason Atherton.

47-year-old Jason is originally from Worksop in Nottinghamshire.

He started working out with some of the industry’s living legends such as Marco Pierre White and Ferran Adria at el Bulli before settling with Gordon Ramsay.

Jason worked with Gordon Ramsay Holdings from 2001 to 2010, when he decided to pursue his own ventures and started his restaurant company, Jason Atherton Ltd.

Their first restaurant, Pollen Street Social, opened in Mayfair in April 2011 and was a resounding success. Within six months it attained a Michelin star along with 5 AA Rosettes and a spot at no. 3 of the Good Food Guide’s best UK restaurants!

Jason has gone on to open eighteen restaurants across the globe, one of which also attained a Michelin star and another being branded the “defining restaurant of the decade”. Jason is definitely the man for this job!

Meet the cast of The Chefs’ Brigade

There will be ten competitors, many of them young budding chefs, entering the competition.

This includes Shivam Konglar, Jay Copeland, Jenny Woodberry, Frankie Hemming, Reann Elks, Stephen McClarty, Jessica Sampson, Kareem Roberts, James Peck, and Daisy Cecil.

Stephen describes himself as ‘the Cockney chef’ and you can find him on Instagram @cockney_chef.

Daisy is one of the chefs at the famous River Café. You can follow Daisy and all her foodie creations @daisycecil.

Jenny Woodberry, on the other hand, was entering the competition as a private chef and healthy food blogger. On her Instagram, she brands herself ‘London’s Tastiest Healthy Chef’. She even has her own website, which you can view here.

Jay Copeland from Northern Ireland has two Instagrams you can follow if he’s your fave! One is purely dedicated to his cookery, with the hilarious username @gnocchi_balboa, whereas he shares snaps of his day-to-day life on his other account.




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