Did Mary from Bears About the House get stolen? Updates on the sun bear

Giles Clark is back on our screens with a heartbreaking tale of animal cruelty. 

The beloved conservationist previously made waves with his series Tigers About the House. Now, Giles is taking on the illegal bear trade and helping to build a pioneering bear sanctuary in Laos.

Bears are bought and sold throughout Asia as trophy pets, but are also traded as some of their body parts are used in traditional Asian medicine. The most valued part of the bear for this medicine are their gallbladders. The bile from the gallbladder is thought to have medicinal purposes. Some 10,000 bears are kept in cages across Asia at these ‘bear bile farms’. These are the bears that Giles and his colleague Matt are seeking to help.

But what happened to Mary, the sun bear featured in episode 1 of Bears About the House?

Bears About the House – ep 2 (No. 2) – Picture Shows: Giles Clark with Mary the Sun Bear, after her move to a large enclosure at the Free the Bears sanctuary in Laos. – (C) Cherique Pohl – Photographer: Cherique Pohl

Bears About the House: Meet Mary

Mary is a five-month-old sun bear, who is one of Giles’s first animals he helps on the show.

Mary was rescued by the team after her mother was killed by a poacher in the wild. After Mary’s mother was killed, the little cub was spotted on the back of a truck for sale into the illegal wildlife trade. Mary now needs 24/7 specialist care, as she arrived at the sanctuary both fragile and malnourished. When we meet Mary she is just 4kg in weight, which is half the size she should be.

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Viewers instantly fell in love with the sun bear; who wouldn’t with her puppy-like charm and playfulness?

Viewers fear Mary has been stolen

In the preview for the next episode, the narrator announced: “At the sanctuary, the team struggle to come to terms with shocking news of a theft.”

We then see Giles in the empty bear cage saying “It feels strange being in here.”

Viewers tweeted “Wait please don’t say Mary was stolen” and “oh my…please tell me that wasn’t what we all thought at the end of #BearsAboutTheHouse Totally head over heels in love with Mary.”

What happened to Mary the sun bear?

Many viewers feared that Mary had been stolen, and although it is unconfirmed which bear was taken or how, Mary is definitely still at the Free the Bears sanctuary.

Mary the sun bear is on the Free the Bears adoption page, so she is still 100% under the care of the sanctuary in Laos.

To support Mary and find out more about how to help, visit the Free the Bears website.




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