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BBC iPlayer: Eat Well for Less - Priya Tew

Best shopping tips from the Eat Well For Less? Game - save, save, save!

We all want to save money and eat better, but just how easy is that to do?

In last night’s episode (Thursday, May 30th) of Eat Well For Less? viewers were introduced to a game they could play along at home to help them pinch some pennies while they shop!

Here is everything you need to know about playing the game and some of the best shopping tips we picked up while playing…

Eat Well For Less? S6 E1

Where can I play the Eat Well For Less game?

You can play the game on the BBC website, here.

By playing the game, you can see just how much money you can save by trading in some of your supermarket and shopping habits!

And we picked up some great tips for shopping along the way.

How to play the Eat Well For Less game

The game sees you choose which items you’d pick at the supermarket, but under time pressure – this is optional, but come on, it’s fun!

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

But choose wrong and you could end up spending way more than you would’ve liked…

When the clock has finished, see how much you would have saved by choosing different options.

Best shopping tips from the game

Dried ingredients are always cheaper than fresh!

We saved £1.56 by choosing the dried pasta option rather than the fresh.

Screenshot: Eat Well For Less? game

Screenshot: Eat Well For Less? game

If you make your mash from scratch, you can save a whopping £3.36!

And it tastes so much better than frozen or ready-made, no contest.

Screenshot: Eat Well For Less? game

When we’re talking fish, it’s best to go frozen…

Using frozen rather than fresh fish saves you £1 per portion and will last so much longer!

Screenshot: Eat Well For Less? game

And with chicken? It’s best to bulk buy.

Screenshot: Eat Well For Less? game

Screenshot: Eat Well For Less? game



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