Money For Nothing’s Bex and Dave are blacksmiths. The couple is married and they’re also business partners. So let’s get to know more about the pair who are clearly artistically gifted!

The BBC show has been running since 2015 and sees unwanted items headed for the tip vamped up with a new lease of life. All kinds of experts appear on the show from upholsterers to carpenters and more.

bex and dave money for nothing
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Who are Bex and Dave from Money for Nothing?

Bex Simon and Dave Harris are a married couple who appear on BBC’s Money for Nothing as experts in blacksmithing.

They have run their own business, BexSimon Ltd, since 2010 and Dave is the Company Director. By the looks of the Bex Simon LinkedIn profile, she’s actually had her own business, based in Surrey, since 1999.

Dave and Bex have been married 12 years in 2021 and also have two children together. By the looks of Instagram, one of their daughters is named Molly.

Bex was born in 1973 making her 48 years old in 2021 while Dave is two years younger.

Does Bex Simon have bipolar?

Yes, Bex Simon does have bipolar disorder. She took to Instagram in 2020 to share a post about it.

She also spoke on the Head Talks YouTube channel in 2017 about bipolar. She said: “To not understand what’s going on with your brain, it’s really scary”.

She detailed drinking and taking drugs to escape the reality of being bipolar and “calm down” what she said, “was going on in her head”.

Bex said it was a “huge relief” to find out what bipolar was. Detailing her journey, she said that she hasn’t taken medication, such as anti-depressants or anti-psychotics, for the condition since 2009.

By blacksmithing, Bex was able to channel any negative energy and she also added that getting married gave her stability in life.

Meet Bex and Dave on Instagram

Both Bex and Dave are on Instagram. Bex has a following of almost 15k while Dave doesn’t look to be so active on social media and has 11 posts and 250 followers.

Bex has an extensive portfolio that can be perused via her website. Some select pieces of her work get uploaded to Instagram.

She includes in her IG bio a link to a YouTube video of herself creating a metal packet of crisps for a Kettle Chips advert.

Follow Bex on IG @bexsimonartsmith, while Dave can be found @davecharas.



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