Biggest profit on Antiques Road Trip revealed: Paul Laidlaw finds a gem of a camera!

Haggling, doing deals and having an eye for a bargain are just a few of the things required to become an antiques expert.

There are few people able to find items with huge scalability. Thankfully, we get to see some of the best experts in action on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip.

Onto its twentieth series in 2020, Antiques Road Trip airs on weekdays at 4:30 pm on BBC One.

Each episode, two antiques experts compete against each other. They each have a budget of £200 and are tasked with making the most money.

What is the biggest profit made on Antiques Road Trip? Let’s take a look…

Screenshot: Antiques Road Trip – BBC

Antiques Road Trip: Biggest ever profit

The 2017 series of Antiques Road Trip saw expert Paul Laidlaw purchased a Chambre Automatique De Bertsch subminiature camera for £60.

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He found the gem in antiques shop RG Scotts Furniture Mart in Margate, Kent without knowing the incredible profit he’d be able to make on the item.

According to, “Photographic experts have confirmed it to be a circa 1864 Auguste Bertsch Chambre Automatique. It’s one of the first ‘automatic’ cameras.”

The BBC explains that it’s “essentially a camera combined with a microscope”.

The camera, bought for £60, was sold for £20,000 with all the money donated to Children in Need. It made a whopping 12, 000% profit.

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Screenshot: Antiques Road Trip – BBC

Profits don’t stop there: Anita’s Buddha

The £20,000 sale price of the camera is the highest profit made on Antiques Road Trip to date.

However, there have been record sales made before 2017. Scottish antiques expert Anita Manning bought another great find in Kent, too.

This time in 2016, Anita found an old bronze Buddha and sold it at a huge 7500% profit. The buddha cost Anita £50 and it was sold for £3,800 at auction.

Antiques Road Trip – 2020 series

The 2020 series of Antiques Road Trip kicked off from Monday, January 6th 2020. Made up of 25 episodes, the final in the series will air on Friday, February 7th on BBC One.

We can also expect a tenth celebrity edition of the show to air in 2020, however, a date is currently unconfirmed.

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