Last night marked a monumental twenty years of BBC’s heartwarming series DIY SOS. That’s twenty years of transforming houses, large-scale rebuilds and changing lives in the process.

Although Nick Knowles might be the lead presenter of the show, one thing became clear when watching DIY SOS’s 20 year respective is that electrician Billy Byrne is the real star!

From his goofy grin to his cheeky banter, Billy always brings a smile to viewers at home. And twenty years on it looks like that’s not going to change.

Here are some of the reasons why we think Billy is truly the best thing about DIY SOS.

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The Prince of Darkness

One of the most memorable episodes of DIY SOS ever was when the team of purple shirts built a street for veterans in Manchester. And it was doubly memorable as Prince William and Prince Harry turned up to lend a helping hand.

And there was a third prince in the mix, as Billy – known as the Prince of Darkness – was recognised by their Royal Highnesses.

Anyone who can get a royal to crack a smile is a winner in our book.

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Screenshot: DIY SOS: Celebrating 20 Years – iPlayer

Clowning around from day dot

Since the inception of the show, Billy has been recognised as both the clown and more often than not, the butt of the jokes.

But that’s what makes him so loveable!

Some of the throwback clips included when Billy crowd-surfed, when he faked instigating an explosion and when he decided to prove his manhood by scuba diving in a shark tank… we don’t think that was Billy’s best idea!

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Billy shows his softer side

DIY SOS is known for bringing on the waterworks. Hardly an episode goes by without a few tears being shed.

But when the normally comic Billy gets emotional during the big reveals, it tips us all over the edge.

When Billy cries, we all cry.

Billy hasn’t changed a bit!

Over the twenty years, fans were quick to spot that Billy Byrne hadn’t changed a bit.

Despite being 69-years-old, Billy hasn’t changed since the show kicked off in 1999, unlike his co-star Nick Knowles.

Fans praised Billy’s sense of fun over the years and it looks like that’s going nowhere with age.

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Follow Billy on social media

Despite previously stating he would never get Twitter, as Nick Knowles feared he would accidentally “blow it up,” Billy now has a Twitter page!

You can follow Billy on Twitter @DiysosBilly where he shares his latest updates. Plus you can find out about booking his services through Twitter.