Buy the goats milk soap from Countryfile's Healing Countryside episode!

Buy the goats milk soap from Countryfile's Healing Countryside episode!

Wondering how to get your hands on the goats milk soap featured on Countryfile in 2020? Wonder no more!

Countryfile often explores many issues and current affairs going on in the British countryside. The BBC show took the focus of “healing” in 2020, which is very apt given the ongoing pandemic.

Turning her life long passion into a business. Viewers get to meet Jade Rhodes who owns a herd of goats during the Healing Countryside episode of Countryfile.

Screenshot: Countryfile – BBC One

Countryfile: Who is Jade Rhodes?

Taking a trip to Shropshire, Steve Brown met Jade Rhodes, the owner of a goat milk soap company, during the Countryfile episode.

Jade inherited over 30 goats from her grandparents. And from there she started a small company alongside her day job as a lab technician.

In the comfort of her back garden, Jade whips up goats milk soap by hand.

Screenshot: Countryfile – BBC One

Goats milk soap on Countryfile

On the subject of healing, Steve’s trip to meet Jade highlighted how nature can cure lifelong illnesses. In Jade’s case this was skin condition psoriasis.

Steve asked, “Why goats milk?“. Jade replied: “I had really bad psoriasis growing up and it’s the only thing that I can use that doesn’t flare my skin up really bad. Goats milk has the same Ph as human skin so it’s really gentle.

Steve even got involved during the episode and gave milking the goats a go.

By combining coconut oil, olive oil, frozen goats milk and caustic soda, the milk is then turned into soap.

Steve and Jade mixed the frozen milk with the caustic soda very slowly. It was poured into a mould and then it takes 24 to 48 hours to set. Jade finally cuts it up into individual bars of soap.

Countryfile: How to buy the goats milk soap

For anyone wishing to purchase some soap, Jade’s goats milk brand, ‘Its Baaa-th Time‘, can be found via Facebook.

The company has now branched out into shampoo bars as described on their website: “Handmade Goats Milk Soap and Shampoo Baaa’s produced from my own award-winning herd of pedigree goats!

Countryfile presenter Steve described the soap as smelling “divine” so whether for health reasons or just to try the soap out, it definitely seems to be worth a go.



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