Countryfile is back on our screens in 2020 to offer some tranquility and escapism from the confines of our homes this quarantine season. Last night’s episode (Sunday, March 22nd) saw the team head to Lake Vyrnwy in Wales, a Victorian man-made reservoir which has become a haven for migratory birds.

While Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison tackle the wild Welsh landscape, the other Countryfile presenters turn, instead, to politics.

The episode sees Charlotte Smith, Adam Henson and Tom Heap discuss the impact future global trade deals could have on UK farming and food production.

But it wasn’t politics which got viewers talking, but Charlotte’s unmissable walking stick. Why was Charlotte using a walking stick on Countryfile?

Screenshot: Countryfile Lake Vyrnwy 22/03/20 – iPlayer

Charlotte uses her walking stick on Countryfile

For the first time on Countryfile, Charlotte Smith debuted a new walking stick as she made her way across a field with Professor Dieter Helm, an independent government advisor on climate change.

Together, Dieter and Charlotte discussed how a post-Brexit Britain will approach environmental concerns, and how Britain plans to work with other countries to tackle climate change.

There was no need for the two to be walking together, so many Countryfile fans were confused as to why BBC made Charlotte walk considering her bad leg.

Concerned Countryfile fans

Understandably, many viewers were concerned when they saw Charlotte’s walking stick, wondering what had happened to her and if Charlotte had suffered an injury. But many were more concerned that the BBC decided to make her walk in the episode.

One viewer tweeted: “If Charlotte has a poorly leg why are they making her walk miles. Poor woman”

Another was more concerned that none of the team were social isolating in the episode. BBC commented on Twitter that in Charlotte’s piece, they “made sure there was two-metre separation.”


Why does Charlotte Smith use a walking stick?

Back in January 2020, Charlotte had a knee replacement after suffering from arthritis. From Twitter, we found that she had the operation on January 29th and was home for the next weeks following a physiotherapy programme.

Charlotte also revealed on Twitter that the operation required her to have thirty-six staples in her leg.

The episode from last night was filmed around two weeks ago, so Charlotte’s recovery has been pretty speedy, despite the fact she needs a walking stick for the time being.




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