Who are Chris and Xand van Tulleken's parents? Meet Anthony and Kit

Twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken have been on our screens for years, but their most recent TV project is their most personal to date. 

Surviving the Virus: My Brother and Me kicked off on BBC One on Wednesday, August 5th. Originally, the docuseries was about the virus itself, however took a turn when the reality of the situation set in. First, Chris, an infectious diseases doctor, returned to the front-line for the first time in a decade. Then, Xand caught Covid-19 and had serious health complications due to his arrhythmia.

This incredibly personal series gives viewers an insight into the personal and professional elements of dealing with the virus day-t0-day.

As a result of Surviving the Virus‘ personal nature, we learnt more about the van Tulleken’s family. But, who are Dr Chris and Xand’s parents?

Screenshot: Chris van Tulleken in Surviving the Virus – iPlayer

Who are Chris and Xand van Tulleken’s parents?

Chris and Xand’s parents are called Anthony and Kit van Tulleken.

In Surviving the Virus, family was an inevitable point of discussion, as the brothers were in lockdown and dealing with social distancing. Xand, who lives on his own, says to Chris over the phone: “I can’t come and see you, I can’t see mum and dad, I can’t look forward to seeing other people. That has been gradually getting me down.”


As both brothers live in London, where they grew up, it can be assumed that Anthony and Kit still live in London. Although, we have found indications that Chris and Xand’s parents are Canadian – this is as both parents studied at Canadian universities.

Who is Kit van Tulleken?

Chris and Xand’s mother is a woman named Kit. Not much is known about Kit’s upbringing, but she obtained a degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Kit van Tulleken is renowned as an adviser in the field of publishing. For the past three decades, Kit has built up her reputation as one of the leading adviser to companies in the U.K., Europe and North America.

In 1995, she founded The van Tulleken Company, a leading corporate finance boutique that focused exclusively on the publishing, information and data sectors. She also has worked as a freelance broadcaster for the BBC specialising in science and education.

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Meet Anthony van Tulleken

Anthony van Tulleken is an industrial designer. He was born in Toronto, Canada in 1938 and studied Industrial Design in the 1950s at the Ontario College of Art.

After his work as an Exhibition Designer and Project Co-ordinator at the Canadian Expo ’67 World’s Fair, Anthony was awarded a scholarship for postgraduate studies in product design at the Royal College of Art. He graduated from the prestigious London college in 1970 and remained in London.

We found Anthony on Twitter, where he describes himself as “Natural horn & trumpet amateur. Artist. Husband to Kit. Pa of @doctorchrisvt, @xandvt & JvT.” Anthony has not tweeted since 2017.




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