Flog It: Meet Claire Rawle - BBC expert from antiques career to TV appearances!

Everyone loves a good bargain and thanks to antiques programmes, we get to discover some of the country’s hidden gems and heirlooms.

For instance, Flog It! is a favourite one among BBC‘s big family of antiques series which follows experts searching for valuable items that they can sell at an auction.

From sentimental objects to historical treasures, viewers get to learn more about the history and importance of each bargain hunt. BBC Two is currently airing repeat episodes from previous seasons.

One of the experts is Claire Rawle who has a keen eye on everything collectible. So, let’s meet Claire and get to know her better, including career, social media profiles and how she got into the antiques business!

Claire Rawle

Meet Claire Rawle from Flog It!

Claire is a freelance auctioneer and valuer.

One of her first jobs in the antiques field was when she landed a salesroom position at Sotheby’s in Torquay. There she worked as an assistant in the collector’s department and found a range of things to value – from postcards to coins, clocks and toys.

When she’s not on the telly, Claire manages auction houses in Taunton and Somerset. And apart from Flog It!, Claire has made regular appearances on Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip as well.

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Claire’s love for antiques

It may come as a surprise to some, but Claire’s first love was horse riding – not antiques!

She discovered her passion for antiques after working in an auction house. She oversaw most bits of the auction process from unpacking the items to managing the sales.

Claire Rawle

Follow Claire on social media

We found Claire on social media! You can follow her on Twitter under the handle @clairerawle.

Her follower count has risen to 1,600 fans, but she hasn’t tweeted recently as some of her last tweets date back to September 2020.

Plus, it appears that the antiques expert doesn’t have a public Instagram account at the time of writing.



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