The BBC have tapped into the true spirit of Christmas with one of the most heartwarming segments to grace our screens in years.

Presenter Dan Walker went to surprise a man named Terrence in the episode of BBC Breakfast on Thursday, December 12th. Terrence had been on the show a day earlier to discuss loneliness at this time of year.

And by playing Father Christmas and bringing Terrence some festive cheer, Dan melted all of our hearts!

Here’s what happened.

Screenshot: BBC Breakfast 12/12/2019 – iPlayer

Who is Terrence?

Terrence from Shaw, Oldham, appeared on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, December 11th to talk about loneliness at this time of year.

Since his mother passed away, Terrence shared that he had struggled to enjoy Christmas and that it would consist of making a sandwich and watching TV. He has spent the last twenty Christmas Days by himself.

But Terrence took matters into his own hands this year and signed up to be an Age UK volunteer.

He told the BBC presenters: “I love doing volunteering, it’s helped me so much. I used to always be on my own.” Terrence continued: “I am giving something back, because Age UK give me hope in the first place.”

And during his time speaking to hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin, he revealed that he did not have a Christmas tree.

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Terrence on loneliness at Christmas

When Dan Walker visited Terrence in his home later on that day, Terrence opened up to the BBC presenter about loneliness once more.

Terrence talked about how he used to visit his mother, cook a meal for her and bring her presents on Christmas Day. Terrence said:

One day I’ll never forget her [his mother] saying to me: ‘Without you bringing me my presents at Christmas, I wouldn’t have any presents, would I?

He then continued: “I often think about that now. People who are on their own now don’t get any presents from people.”

This year Terrence is spending Christmas Day with a 90-year-old dementia sufferer named Nancy, who he met through Age UK.

Dan Walker plays Santa

Dan Walker took matters into his own hands, with the help of the students at Oldham College.

They bought Terrence a Christmas tree and took it round to his house to help him decorate. Terrence was so overwhelmed by the gift that he burst into tears, leaving viewers blubbing as well!

And if that wasn’t enough, Oldham College’s choir then emerged outside of Terrence’s house to perform his favourite carol, ‘Silent Night’.

Watch Dan Walker’s surprise!

You can catch the whole segment on the BBC iPlayer here, or just watch the snippet that both BBC Breakfast and Dan Walker shared on Twitter.

But Dan was right to share a warning, as tissues are definitely needed!

Even the biggest Grinch would have their heart melted by this clip.


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