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London Celebrity Sightings -  January 05, 2016

Dave Myers met his wife while staying in a Romanian hotel for Hairy Bikers

Dave Myers’ relationship isn’t quite as in the limelight as the show he co-hosts, Hairy Bikers, but the truth is that he wouldn’t have met his wife if it wasn’t for filming the BBC series in Romania.

Fans of Dave are zooming in on his marriage after the biker revealed he has cancer. He has been wed to Liliana Orzac since 2011, to whom he lives with, alongside two children which his wife had in a previous relationship.

Vowing to beat the illness, Dave has been supported by his wife ever since he was diagnosed. From how they met while filming Hairy Bikers to their home life, Reality Titbit has all the details you need about Dave and Liliana.

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Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images

Who is Dave Myers’ wife?

Born in Romania, Eastern Europe, Liliana moved to the UK in September 2007 started to build a business in fashion industry, which was so successful that she now runs her own company Liliana Orzac Design.

In her studio, Dave’s wife creates outfits for individuals or companies who “need a different twist on nowadays fashion”, as written on her LinkedIn page. From 2010 to 2011, she worked at the Rotary Club of Furness Peninsula.

Following her bachelor’s degree in tourism, Liliana became a marketing manager for a tourism company, from 2004 to 2007. That is when the mother-of-two upped and left to live in England with her children.

She married Dave just four years later, in 2011. Her daughter Iza and school friend Clarissa were her bridesmaids, while he was supported by best friends Dr David Easton and the other half of the Hairy Bikers duo, Simon King.

Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images

Dave met Liliana while filming Hairy Bikers

When filming for Hairy Bikers, Dave and his crew stumbled into a hotel in Romania and asked if they had a couple of rooms. At the time, Liliana was working as the hotel manager and was “very strict” while taking them to their rooms.

As told during an interview on Johnnie and Tiggy Walker Consciously Coupling, Dave told Liliana:

You were very very cold. Afterwards, I said, “Gosh Kingy, I really like her!” And he went, “Nah, she’s really scary!”. And that’s how we met really. Then you became our fixer, didn’t you?

The production crew ended up renting out every room in the hotel that Liliana was managing. Dave’s now-wife, who he calls “Lili” for short, even ended up appearing on the first program!

Liliana recounts meeting Dave Myers

Liliana first described him as a “burly man” when she saw him walk through the hotel doors. Both her and Dave then stayed in contact for two years, with her adding that it took the Hairy Biker that long to “convince her.”

They actually became pen pals during that time, but Liliana had never travelled abroad despite working in tourism. Dave used to send her emails from all over the world, from Mexico and India, to Argentina and Turkey.

She said that’s how it started, by falling in love with his written word. Liliana then began speaking to Dave on the phone, which is how they often communicated when they got into a relationship – due to him travelling all the time.



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