Your Garden Made Perfect: Who are Demi and Laura? Meet the BBC stars!

Demi and Laura are the participants who star on Your Garden Made Perfect’s first episode – let’s find more about them.

BBC has brought a brand new garden makeover series which is just in time as many people need inspiration for their own gardens. The truth is that a lot of us are impatiently waiting for spring to create a better outdoor space for ourselves and our families.

Thanks to Your Garden Made Perfect, viewers will learn ideas from four garden experts who will transform spaces for people in every episode.

First up are Demi and Laura. Let’s meet the participants in episode one of the BBC series.

Laura, Demi, Angela Scanlon – (C) Remarkable TV – Photographer: Gary Moyes

Who are Demi and Laura?

Demi and Laura are starring in the first episode of Your Garden Made Perfect, Thursday, February 4th.

It must have been an exciting experience for the couple as they are the first participants in the BBC new makeover series.

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They live in Hertfordshire and have saved up £25,000 to give their garden a much-needed revamp with the help of the show’s garden designers.

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Laura, Demi, Angela Scanlon – (C) Remarkable TV – Photographer: Gary Moyes

Demi and Laura on Your Garden Home Perfect

Demi and Laura have a lacklustre ‘L-shaped’ garden at their home. The two are after a brand new design but don’t have the time to transform the garden on their own.

But that’s where the help of the show’s garden experts come. Demi and Laura are given two different virtual designs that can help them determine the final look of their garden.

The episode reveals that Demi wants a space where he can welcome guests, while Laura is after a relaxing spot where she can spend quality family time.

This is definitely a challenge for the garden experts as they need to create a space that suits both Demi and Laura’s visions.

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