DIY SOS: Bangor in Northern Ireland - where are the family now? Post-filming updates!

The DIY SOS team are heading to Bangor, Northern Ireland, in tonight’s episode (Monday, February 22nd). So, where are the family in 2021?

Hoping to transform the McCreight family’s home, they get to work in the childhood hometown of DIY SOS’s build manager Mark Miller.

Nick Knowles and his team have called on friends, family and local tradespeople to change people’s lives for a total of 31 series.

Now that DIY SOS is back, they are taking on a project which turns the livelihoods of a family around. So, where is the McCreight family now?

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Who are the McCreight family?

Mandy McCreight is the mum of the family, who has medical issues which mean she is bed-bound more than 80 per cent of the time.

Her conditions include Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, postural orthostic tachycardia syndrome, fibromyalgia and gastroparesis.

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She often stays upstairs in her bedroom for days, as the stairs are too difficult to get down, and is isolated in her bedroom.

Her children Ben, 18, and Kara, 15, also suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and have mobility issues.

Their dad Davey looks after them, but suffers from a back injury.

DIY SOS: Bangor in Northern Ireland

The McCreight family are under real stress, and the house is not wheelchair friendly, which makes the housing situation unbearable.

In order to try and help them, the DIY SOS team try to change their house to accommodate their health as much as possible.

With the help of local designer Suzanne Sundara-Garuda, as well as hundreds of volunteers, they reconfigure the whole house.

The team manage to create a future-proof home that aims to bring the family back together!

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Where are the McCreights now?

Thanks to the help of the DIY SOS team, Mandy can now freely move around the house and outside in her wheelchair.

The family are now living with a lift, a wet room, direct access for carers, widened doors and access for Mandy to get to the garden.

Speaking to The Mirror, Mandy revealed that she is now in her bedroom only five per cent of the time.

Ben also turned 18 last summer, and the family celebrated with a marquee in the garden, along with his teachers and friends.



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