Do the Apprentice products get sold? Where does the money go?

Every series of The Apprentice sees all sorts of products created.

From children’s toys to ice lollies, women’s shoes to electric bikes we’ve really seen it all when it comes to the products made on The Apprentice.

Series 15 is made up of two teams, Empower and Unison. And episode 4 saw the groups have to design another item and sell it.

So, do the products on The Apprentice get sold? And are the Apprentice orders real?

Lord Sugar, Claude Littner – (C) Boundless Taylor Herring
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Do the Apprentice products get sold?

Yes! The Apprentice products are actually sold on the show.

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According to Radio Times, the products seen being sold in the streets are really purchased and any money made on the show is given to charity.

It’s unconfirmed, however, what happens with the larger products such as the electric bikes designed in episode 4. We could assume that orders aren’t really made for these kinds of products on the show.

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Screenshot: The Apprentice series 15 episode 4 – BBC

Who comes up with the tasks on The Apprentice?

Each series of The Apprentice sees the contestants tackle tasks more creative than ever before.

The BBC explains that each task on The Apprentice is designed by both the show’s production team and Lord Alan Sugar.

They explain how tasks “are carefully chosen to test the core business skills, including sales, marketing, design, teamwork and negotiation.”

Screenshot: The Apprentice series 15 episode 4 – BBC

What products have been created during season 15?

Season 15 of The Apprentice kicked off from October 2nd 2019.

Episode 1 of the series saw the contestants head out to South Africa where they didn’t have to create a physical product. However, episodes 2, 3 and 4 featured some of the most creative products ever seen on the BBC show.

Tommy the Talking Turtle was created in episode 3 but thankfully no one had to actually purchase the kid’s toy.

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Screenshot: The Apprentice 2019 – Thomas Skinner BBC




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