BBC: Who is Dr. Gabriel Weston? Meet the Incredible Medicine presenter!

BBC Two brought back Incredible Medicine on our screens with presenter and surgeon Gabriel Weston. 

The pandemic situation has affected the filming and production of a lot of TV shows and as a result, many channels have been forced to repeat past series.

But it’s not all bad as viewers often want to revisit previous programmes that they haven’t been able to watch in the past.

Incredible Medicine is back on BBC Two where Dr. Gabriel Weston meets some of the most extraordinary people in the world.

So, who is Gabriel? Here’s everything you need to know about her, including age, career and more!

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Dr. Gabriel Weston, Incredible Medicine

Who is Dr. Gabriel Weston?

Gabriel, 50, is a surgeon, presenter and author.

She studied at the independent schools Windlesham House School and Bedales School and went on to complete a MA course in English at the University of Edinburgh.


Gabriel decided to re-train as a doctor and received her medical qualification in 2000. She is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and trained as an ENT specialist.

Moreover, she is the author of the 2009 memoir Direct Red: A Surgeon’s Story which won the PEN/Ackerley prize for Autobiography in May 2010.

Apart from Incredible Medicine, Gabriel has also presented Trust Me I’m A Doctor where she traveled the world in search of radical new treatments.

Gabriel Weston: Family

The BBC presenter is married to Alexander Cohen who is an Australian consultant and physician.

They are parents to four children and live in London.

Gabriel is the daughter of Sir John Weston who is a former British ambassador to the United Nations. Her mother Sally is a retired barrister.

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Dr. Gabriel Weston on Incredible Medicine

On Incredible Medicine, Gabriel meets people with some of the most extraordinary bodies in the world.

Using cutting-edge technology, she wants to understand those rare and unique people better and use their cases to uncover new treatments.

Some of many incredible cases include a woman who can smell Parkinson’s disease and a man who can remember every face he has ever seen.




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