Dragon's Den: Buy the anti-glare glasses here - Tony's business explored!
Screenshot: "Tony, where are you?", Dragon's Den clip, BBC

Dragon's Den: Buy the anti-glare glasses here - Tony's business explored!

Dragon’s Den is back on the BBC, and the first episode will see the line-up of investors be shown a pair of anti-glare glasses…

It is the show where entrepreneurs face five multi-millionaires, with hopes for them to potentially invest in their business idea.

The BBC series will see Deborah Meaden spot a possible flaw in the anti-glare glasses, which are showcased on the Monday, April 1st episode.

We found out how you can buy the anti-glare glasses, and got to know the man and BBC star behind the business idea.

Screenshot: “Tony, where are you?”, Dragon’s Den clip, BBC

Who is Tony on Dragon’s Den?

Tony Messiah is a 69-year-old optical inventor.

He is the now design director of Sunclipa Eyewear, having invented his first gadget at the age of eight.

The Dragon’s Den star made a device which could open a bathroom door bolt from the outside, however the wire inside ended up breaking.

Despite this, Tony ploughed on and recently showcased his anti-glare glasses business on the BBC series.

From Leicester Forest-East, he works as an optical design engineer for several companies, and plays tennis in his spare time.

How to buy Tony’s anti-glare glasses

The anti-glare glasses are sold via Tony’s company, Sunclipa Eyewear.

Recent anti-glare versions created by Sunclipa Eyewear aim to provide safety and visual comfort for drivers, to prevent temporary blinding.

If you wish to buy the anti-glare glasses, it looks like you will have to contact their Facebook or Instagram page to request a pair.

The company is welcoming support to develop Sunclipa with small donations or purchases, when they launch a crowd funder.

Dragon’s Den: Sunclipa Eyewear explored

Initially, the business idea was inspired by tennis players, when Tony realised many of them didn’t like playing while facing the sun.

He decided to create the anti-glare glasses which attach to top of sunglasses, to limit harsh sun rays from the eye when a person looks upwards.

During Tony’s time on Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden pointed out a potential flaw in the item.

She said her peripheral vision is gone completely when she wears them.

Sunclipa responded to her comment on Facebook, and said:

Much as I love Deborah Meaden as one of my favourite Dragons, her comments were a bit off the mark in terms of Sunclipa. I believe on the show she was expressing a dislike of wrap around sunglass frames rather than Sunclipa. Sunclipa doesn’t overhang the frames it clips onto.



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