Dragons' Den: Imperial Candles bring something totally different to home decor!

On last night’s (22nd December) episode of Dragons’ Den, Imperial Candles was a real stand-out pitch. A candle business with a difference, started by couple Claudia and Alex, five years ago.

The couple explained how for the last five years it’s completely taken over their lives and they couldn’t be prouder of how far they’ve come.

But it looks like it’s all been worth it so far as the pair have made £7 million in turnover so far! Claudia and Alex were looking for £100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their company.

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Imperial Candles: How do they work?

As shown on last nights show, the Imperial Candles featured on Dragons Den are handmade soy candles with a hidden jewel inside. Alex advised the candle is lit and after a couple of hours of burning you should be able to spot in the wax, a little coloured package.

Once you remove the package, you can discover a new piece of jewellery. All of the jewellery within the candle is made with 95-sterling silver or gold. The best part is the jewellery could be worth anything from £10 to £2000, which is awesome!

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Did they get an investment?

With no offers being made from Deborah, Sara and Peter decided the candle business was too much of a fad to invest in, especially considering they have a highly successful competitor in France.

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Things were looking burnt out for the duo. But there was a glimmer of light as Touker and Tej made a joint offer for Alex and Claudia to consider.

Where to buy Imperial Candles

Thankfully, thee entrepreneurs secured a deal from Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani. This let viewers of the show wondering where they could purchase these candles with a twist.

Currently, the candles can be purchased from their site directly with prices starting at £29.99. The Dragons’ felt the price was a little high compared to other candle brands on the market. But Imperial Candles come in a number of fragrances and can last up to 120 hours!

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