Dragon's Den: Buy Super U organic powders - Sean and Charlotte's business explored!

Dragon's Den: Buy Super U organic powders - Sean and Charlotte's business explored!

Dragon’s Den series 18 is officially underway, and Sean and Charlotte have left quite the impression. Here’s where to buy Super U powders…

As the second episode of the current series airs, entrepreneur-duo Sean and Charlotte are seen showcasing their business products.

They are one pair of several, who either come as a team or as individuals, with hopes that one of the Dragons will invest in their item.

We explored the Super U organic superfood powders that were advertised to the BBC judges, in case you wanted to get your hands on them.

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What is Super U?

The idea came shortly after Charlotte Bailey was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, where the immune system attacks tissues when you eat gluten.

With her health at a decline, Charlotte and her fiance Sean Ali decided to invent Super U, a natural superfoods company.

Super U aims to make superfoods more accessible and convenient for everyone, and offer blends that are organic, gluten-free and plant-based.

Without any added sweeteners, flavourings or fillers, the company website claims it has sourced the “most nutrient dense ingredients on the planet”.

It also creates “super user-friendly blends” that benefit the body.

Super U: Sean and Charlotte’s business

When Sean travelled the world, he learned about superfoods such as Acai, Baobab, Spirulina and Acerola, and instantly got hooked.

On his return, he introduced some of the superfoods to Charlotte, which led to her having so much more energy, improved concentration and less bloat.

After a few months, and feeling healthier than ever, they started to make their own products to help others feel better.

Super U offers different proteins, a superfood bundle, detox, beauty bundles and more, as well as a subscription club for regular orders.

Sean and Charlotte recently moved into their first industrial unit!

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Buy Super U organic superfood

Prices for Super U blends start from £19.99 for Pink Pitaya Powder, and go up to £198, which buys you a superfood bundle.

You can head to the website, add the desired products to your basket, and have them delivered to your home.

Reviews for Super U’s products don’t go below 4 and a half stars, so they appear to be highly recommended by its customers!



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