There have been a total of 17 dragons in the Den over the years, but there are a couple of mainstays who are now synonymous with the business television show.

Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne are perhaps the most famous dragons – with Deborah now a constant force since joining in season three and Peter the last remaining original dragon from series one.

So what has happened to Duncan Bannatyne?

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Why Did Duncan Bannatyne Quit Dragons’ Den?

Apparently, Duncan almost quit in 2013, when he was going through a divorce, but eventually decided to stay in.

However, he decided to quit after last year’s season 12. He cites “business commitments” as the reason for his departure, stating that he just doesn’t want to invest in any new entrepreneurs anymore, and wishes to focus on his own interests.

BBC producers of the show have made it clear he will be missed, but Duncan also said he was glad to leave on a high after season 12, which he called the best series of the show ever made.

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How Many Series of Dragons’ Den Did he Do?

Duncan has been an original Dragon since the show’s incarnation in 2005.

Since then, he has appeared in every season since and was one of the two original Dragons to continue into season 12.

Now, it’s just Peter Jones.

Dragons’ Den: Peter Jones. BBC Two.

What is Duncan Bannatyne’s Net Worth?

As of 2018, his wealth is estimated to be between £280 million and £320 million.

Either way, he is, to put it simply, rolling in it.

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What is the Highest Duncan’s Net Worth Has Ever Been?

You may be thinking that surely his net worth couldn’t have been higher, right?


Back in 2013 and just before that, his net worth was estimated to be around £430 million.

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How Did He Lose That Money and Status?

Duncan was involved in a bitter, public divorce with then-wife Joanne McCue.

The divorce left him living on credit cards and completely ruined… apparently.

He’s still worth at least £280 million now though!

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How Did Duncan Bannatyne Get Rich?

His business career started when he was over 30 years old, at a time when he was extremely poor and didn’t even have a bank account.

He worked odd jobs and eventually purchased an ice cream truck for £450. He soon expanded, buying several more vans.

Soon after, he sold the business for £28,000 and then created a nursing home business called Quality Care Homes. He later sold this business for £26 million.

From 30, poor, and without a bank account, to a millionaire worth £280 million. It’s never too late to start chasing your dreams, kids.

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Is he the Richest Dragon?

Duncan Bannatyne is no longer the richest dragon. He is instead the second richest.

In first place is Peter Jones, who has a net worth of £435 million, while former dragon Theo Paphitis is third with a value of £160 million.

Dragons’ Den: How is Deborah Meaden Rich?


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