Theo Paphitis left long-running BBC series Dragons Den in 2014 following 10 back-to-back series on the show.

The 59-year-old businessman dipped deep into his pockets and invested close to £2 million during his nine-year spell on the show where he cemented himself as a fan favourite thanks to hilarious ongoing feuds with Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne.

Now, Theo is back in the den to do it all again.

He’s blunt, arrogant and can’t help but throw a jibe in Peter Jones’s direction at any given opportunity. Fans are loving his comeback and are very much prepared to lose Touker Suleyman to see Theo join the lineup full-time for the foreseeable future.

Theo Paphitis, we salute you!

Dragons' Den - Episode 2019 ep 6 - Picture Shows: discussing the market Theo Paphitis, Sara Davies - (C) BBC Studios - Photographer: Grab

Dragons’ Den – Episode 2019 ep 6 – Discussing the market Theo Paphitis, Sara Davies – (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: Grab

Where is Touker Suleyman?

Touker came down with pneumonia during filming for Dragons’ Den series 17.

Thankfully Touker made a full recovery but his condition was so serious that he was admitted to hospital to overcome his illness and missed a large part of filming.

The Daily Mail reported that Touker said: “I’m grateful that my good friend Theo was able to step into the Den to keep my seat warm while I had some time off.”

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Why the return of Theo has made series 17!

While all of the Dragons bring their own individual business attributes and large sums of cash to go with it, Theo adds something different to the BBC series.

He’s funny.

Theo would hardly brand himself the joker of the pack but his callous delivery when shooting down those nervous individuals putting their life’s hard work on display is so brutal that you can’t help but snigger.

He boasts a trademark catchphrase in “so you’re expecting me to invest my children’s inheritance” and has a knack for both interrupting pitches or making his thoughts clear via some very unsubtle gestures, such as sinking his head into his hand in disappointment.


But what really makes Dragons’ Den tick as a popular Sunday night watch is the rivalry between Dragons, something that has been lacking for several seasons.

Now, with Theo back in the mix, he’ll happily take a dig at “the tall guy at the end of the room” Peter Jones and sits comfortably when causing unbearable tension within the room.

Screenshot: Dragons' Den series 17 (2019)

Screenshot: Dragons’ Den series 17 (2019)

Screenshot: Dragons' Den series 17 (2019)

Screenshot: Dragons’ Den series 17 (2019)

Theo’s staggering net worth

In a 2019 rich list report from The Sunday Times, it stated that Theo Paphitis has a colossal net worth of £301 million, which is almost identical to Taj Levlani’s value.

However, it’s a considerable amount more than Theo’s fellow Dragon’s Deborah Meaden, Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman, who all have a net worth between £50-£150 million.

The top dog is Peter Jones, who boasts a £500 million net worth and is the only Dragon to appear in every series of the show since series 1.

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How to watch Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den airs every Sunday night on BBC Two at 8 pm.

There are 14 scheduled episodes for series 17, meaning it will continue airing all the way until November 17th.

It’s unsure when Touker will be back to full fitness although Theo will be sitting in the den once again for episode 7 (Sunday, September 21st).




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