Dragons’ Den: Children’s jam pitch explored – where to buy Fearne and Rosie!

Dragons' Den: Children’s jam pitch explored - where to buy Fearne and Rosie!

BBC’S Dragons’ Den features an upcoming pitch promoting a homemade children’s jam company named ‘Fearne and Rosie’ – find out more below!

Discover all you need to know about the healthy preserves business including who created it, where to buy and much more!

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Dragons’ Den Series 18 | Trailer – BBC Trailers

Dragons’ Den Series 18 | Trailer – BBC Trailers

Fearne and Rosie on Dragons’ Den

Fearne and Rosie is a homemade jam and spread company that produces a range of child-friendly, healthy alternatives to standard preserves.

After many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fearne and Rosie is set to appear on BBC’s Dragons’ Den at 9 pm on Thursday 1st July 2021.

@fearne_and_rosie recently announced the upcoming onscreen appearance via Instagram.

Having gained tons of supporters, many are excited to watch Fearne and Rosie’s pitch on Dragons’ Den.

Who created the children’s jam?

Rachel Kettlewell, the owner of the preserves company, is a mother to her two daughters Fearne and Rosie who inspired the business’ name while she was on maternity leave.

As a teacher and entrepreneur from Wensleydale, Rachel developed and launched a range of reduced sugar jams and spreads in order to create healthier and tastier food choices for children and their families.

Using all-natural ingredients, no concentrates, no palm oil and suitable for vegans, Fearne and Rosie ticks all the right boxes.

Rachel told The Northern Echo:

“Most jams are nearly all sugar and a tiny bit of fruit, whereas Fearne and Rosie is 71 per cent strawberries, so we have a much smaller sugar content,”

While most schools remain extremely overworked and underfunded, Rachel acknowledges the lack of support in place and aims to provide healthier, tastier, happier food by making ethical choices within the supply chain.

Where to the find child-friendly preserves

You can find Fearne and Rosie on Instagram with a huge platform of over 10,000 followers!

Amongst the brand’s 400 posts, you will find various information regarding all things Ferne and Rosie, such as stocklists, ingredients, recipes, FAQs and much more!

Head over to fearneandrosie.co.uk to purchase the delicious jams and spreads.

A wide selection of Fearne and Rosie jams can be purchased for £2.75 per jar, while other products such as honey and spreads can cost up to £4.75

Discover Fearne and Rosie in Morrisons, with a full store list found on the brand’s Instagram highlight named ‘Morrisons’.

Also, grab a jar in Waitrose where the jam is currently priced at £2.50 with a full store list again found on an Instagram highlight named ‘Waitrose’.

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Fearne and Rosie can also be purchased online via Ocado.

Amazon also stock the healthy preserves company.

What’s more? They are also stocked in some of the very best independent stores up and down the country.

Catch Rachel Kettlewell pitching her child-friendly jam business, Fearne and Rosie, on Dragons’ Den which airs on BBC 1 at 9 pm on Thursday, July 1 2021.

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