Dragons' Den Gato desserts: Where are they NOW? Why were they ridiculed?

For many contests on Dragons’ Den, things don’t quite go to plan.

However, for Charlotte Dauzat and Kim Lamza, their overly ambitious pitch was one of few presentations to receive a live mocking from the Dragons.

Here is everything you need to know about Gato and Co Puddings and their pitch in Dragons’ Den series 16, episode 12.

Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den: Gato Pitch

Charlotte and Kim marched into their meeting with the Dragons, breaking the ice by offering them a 1.7% stake in their company.

That’s right. Under 2%.

Matched with a £50,000 investment, the pitch was met with echoing chuckles throughout the den.

Screen Shot: Dragons Den series 16, episode 12

Screen Shot: Dragons Den series 16, episode 12

Screen Shot: Dragons Den series 16, episode 12

Screen Shot: Dragons Den series 16, episode 12

Things went from bad to worse for the budding entrepreneurs as they revealed that they already had 21 investors, resulting in a very unappetizing investor number 22 slot for any interested Dragon.

Adamant that the company was worth £3 million and that it could sell for £30 million in a few years’ time, the Dragon’s were left dumbfounded by the numbers put in front of them.

Seeing potential in the delicious desserts nonetheless, both Touker Suleyman and Peter Jones offered the full sum, although bulking up the stake to 25%.

Yet they still said no!

So who was being overly arrogant? Are the Dragons now eating their words or has Gato and Co struggled to take off to the heights Charlotte and Kim anticipated.

Where are They Now?

The Dragons’ Den episode would have likely completed filming a few months ago.

Since then, it looks like the expression ‘any press is good press’ definitely applies to the Gato team.

Their website comes with a message explaining that they are currently experiencing a slow delivery service because of the high demand since featuring on Dragons’ Den.

The puds continue to do the rounds in Sainsbury and can be found in over 100 local stores across the U.K (gatoandco.com/shop).

Online, you can purchase the health-conscious pots from Amazon and Ocado while the dessert is also starting to pop up in As Nature Intended and Whole Foods Stores in London.

For now, it looks like the Dragons were right in refusing to invest with such a little stake. Remember the Gato name, however, because the potential is there to take off.



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