Dragons’ Den is back on the BBC for its seventeenth series and the Dragons are as fierce as ever, with newbie Sara Davies shaking things up in the Den.

Already we have seen everything from rock ‘n’ roll rum to fake tan have their moment in the spotlight with Sara proving herself to be a big spender. And 25-year-old Seán McGarry from Mayo, Ireland had his sights on impressing the crafting millionaire.

Seán was up first in episode 2 (Sunday, August 18th) with his no-fuss shower caddy, ShowerGem.

So what happened to Seán on Dragons’ Den and where can you buy ShowerGem now?

Screenshot: Dragons’ Den S17 E2 – iPlayer

ShowerGem on Dragons’ Den

The idea of ShowerGem came to Seán after he requested his father – who is a plastic fabricator – created a simple and effective shower caddy for Seán and his sisters.

Seán was after a rustproof and screw-free shower unit which he could easily hang up in whatever sort of shower he needed. And ShowerGem does just that.

They spent three years developing the ShowerGem prototype to find a perfect glue which will stick to any type of wall tile. The glue they’ve ended up with is such a secret that Seán wouldn’t reveal even what continent they obtained it from!

But his secrecy has led Seán to success with ShowerGem. In four months alone, ShowerGem sold 5000 units with a net profit of £25,000. And now Seán wants to take ShowerGem to the wider market and go international.

Seán drives a hard bargain in the Den

Initially, Seán was seeking a £100,000 investment for 10% of the product’s equity. But this did not sit well with the Dragons.

As, at first, Seán said they’d only be getting 10% of ShowerGem and not the business in total, Peter Jones tapped out. But realising his mistake, Seán said they would be involved with the business as they develop more products beyond ShowerGem.


Touker Suleyman, Tej Lavani and Sara Davies all pitched the money for too high a stake in the business. But eventually, they reached a compromise. Touker, Tej and Sara all split the deal, investing £33,000 each for 8% of the business’ equity.

Seán’s father, Seán McGarry Senior said:

ShowerGem was born through the frustration caused by those awful metal caddy’s, so it was great to see the Dragons recognize that a problem existed with the ShowerGem being the solution.

Where can you buy ShowerGem?

Currently, you can purchase a 2 pack ShowerGem for the discounted price of £39.99 through their website. The regular retail price is £44.99 but they have marked the price down following the Dragons’ Den episode.

They also come in a 4 pack and 6 pack.

You can also purchase ShowerGem on Amazon here. The shower caddy is even on Amazon’s number 1 bestsellers list!

Keep up to date with ShowerGem on their website or through their Twitter account.

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