Dragons’ Den was introduced to a pop up chess made out of paper and founded by David Hawcock, who is “one of most respected names in the field.” His nerve-racking pitch led to the Dragons fighting to invest.

As we all know, chess is an incredibly mind-boggling game that goes back years and years. So when David Hawcock brought his pop up chess set to Dragons’ Den, viewers moved a few pieces to try and buy the paper chess board.

The pop up chess set by David Hawcock can be purchased online in less than a few minutes. Let’s have a look at where the Infinite Jest board company is now and who has a percentage invested in the business.

Dragons’ Den: Pop up chess set

Dragons’ Den was introduced to a pop up chess set which is “ideal for travelling.” If you tip the board, the pieces do not fall off, which the founder claimed is one of the board’s unique selling points.

The board folds flat and can be stored on the bookshelf at home, as well as easy to take on holidays. Completely recyclable, the nervous pitch involved seeking £40,000 for 20 per cent equity in his company Infinity Jest.

With plans to expand the firm out into lots of different areas, such as developing classic games for all ages, the chess board is completely made out of paper and card. The pop up chess creator admitted he’s “good at what he does.”

Paper chess board was made by David Hawcock

David Hawcock, described as “one of the most respected names in the field” on his website, has had commissions from the Football Association and music industry legends, to world renowned museums.

He has created moveable books such as innovations of Leonardo da Vinci, life-size pull-out book on the human body, and pop-up books like children’s cartoon Maisy Mouse to award-winning TV show Walking Dead.

David’s company Infinite Jest doesn’t just make paper chess boards but also a pop-up row of four. Dragons’ Den fans can purchase the chess set for £16.99, which can be opened or closed in any position.

When you have the opportunity to resume play, users can open the board and the pieces will pop up in the same position as when left. No plastic is used in the making of the pop up chess set.

Dragons argue over investment

David’s pop up chess pitch was so successful that multiple Dragons’ Den investors wanted a slice. Sara Davies described the idea is “very impressive,” and while she admitted she’d seen similar, she said it was “not at this level.”

Peter said: “I think it’s absolutely brilliant, I am absolutely blown away. This, I think, is exceptional. You’re very good at what you do.” He later makes an offer of all of the money for exactly what David asked for: 20 per cent.

The investor said he thought he can “bring a lot of value” and encouraged David to accept his offer straight away. However, he wished to listen to the other Dragons, with Touker Suleyman matching Peter’s offer.

Deborah made a better offer by saying she’d provide all the money for 15 per cent. Sara then matched her fellow Dragons’ request. Steven Bartlett, although impressed, said he’s out. In the end, Peter and Touker got 10 per cent each.



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