Dragons’ Den: Seven incredible War Paint makeup products to try!

It is a rare occasion when a young entrepreneur steps into the Den and blows away all five Dragons with everything about their product; the branding, the revenue and the press coverage it has already received.

But in episode 5 (Sunday, September 8th) of Dragons’ Den series 17 saw Daniel Gray do just that.

After struggling for over twenty years with body dysmorphia – the result of middle school bullying – Daniel found comfort and confidence in wearing makeup. And realised there was no male makeup line marketed to the “everyday man.”

Daniel confidence in his makeup brand, War Paint, captivated all of the Dragons and saw them scrambling over who could partner with him. After a tough negotiation, Daniel ended up with his dream duo of Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones – he even whittled them down to 6% equity each down from their inital offer of 20%!

To celebrate Daniel’s success in the Den, we’ve selected seven of the incredible products War Paint makes to showcase this brilliant brand.

Screenshot: Dragons’ Den S17 E5 – iPlayer

War Paint concealer

One of the first products they launched was the men’s concealer.

The concealer costs £18 and is in five shades from fair to dark.

What’s even better about the concealer? Every pot sold donates 50 pence to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), a UK charity dedicated to supporting mental health and particularly men’s mental health.

Charcoal sponge

War Paint hasn’t just stuck to creating makeup, as they began to venture into other beauty and skincare products.

The first they have worked on is the charcoal sponge.

The charcoal sponge is a perfect cleaning gizmo for the face which you can keep in your shower. It is made from The Konjac Potato, found in Asia. The Konjac Potato is rich in minerals and the black charcoal helps clean the skin deeply.

It’s the perfect face wash!

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Screenshot: Charcoal Cleansing Sponge – War Paint

War Paint foundation

The War Paint foundation was another of the brand’s first products and is one of their most celebrated products.

At £24 a bottle and in five shades, again from fair to dark, the liquid foundation is perfect for everyday wear.

The reviews on their website all say that the foundation is perfect in covering blotchiness, unevenness in the skin surface and tone, and helps all users feel more confident.

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Move over, beauty blender

Beauty blenders, or sponges, have replaced the brush as the most used foundation and concealer tool over the past few years.

And War Paint has recognised this and created their own ‘face sponge’ to daub on makeup.

The long-lasting latex-free sponge is just £6 and is the ultimate tool to help you nail your look.

Tinted moisturiser

If you’re wanting to correct some skin discolouration but not wanting to go all the way with full-on foundation, then a tinted moisturiser is the best product for you.

Giving a light coverage, the tinted moisturiser helps perfect a natural look.

It costs just £22 a bottle and comes in the same five shades as the concealer and foundation.

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Screenshot: Tinted Moisturiser – War Paint

Bronze ‘n’ go

We all love to have a healthy, sunkissed glow and War Paint has just the solution to keep that summer tan all long.

They described their bronzer as a “pressed suntan” in a compact. And War Paint also advises that this be whacked on before a long day of work or before heading on a night out, to give yourself that revived glow.

One of the reviewers even said the bronzer was one of the best products they’d ever tried!

Mix and match sets

One of the best things about War Paint is that they create ‘mix and match’ sets so that you know which products are best to use when.

War Paint has a ‘daily essentials’ set and a ‘night out’ set, so you’re sorted morning to evenings.

They also offer the full set for £90, which would save you £24 and allow you to try them all!

All of the listed products are available to purchase on the War Paint website.




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