There have been some odd products that grace the Dragons’ Den over the years but one area that has cropped up time and again is how to improve one’s experience on the loo.

Although it’s not the most pleasant of products to sell, some have found success on the show with their toilet items and Touker Suleyman has invested in the area on Dragons’ Den before.

So when Tom Keen introduced the Dragons to his FlushBrush, there were high hopes for him.

But has Tom finalised FlushBrush Ltd and can you buy the toilet brush now? Here’s everything you need to know about the toilet brush which won over the Dragons.

Screenshot: Dragons Den S17 E1 – iPlayer

Dragons’ Den toilet brush

Episode 2 (Sunday, August 11th) of the hit BBC series saw everything from fake tan to rock ‘n’ roll rum covered. But also up for a grilling was Tom Keen, a young innovator who is seeking to revolutionise the way we clean our loos.

After moving into a flat in 2017 which had a very obvious second-hand toilet brush, Tom was so disgusted by the brush that an idea came to him. Rather than having a toilet brush next to the toilet, have a brush which could remain inside the toilet.


He said, “I cannot believe that we as humanity have put a man on the moon and yet we use this poo stick to clean the toilet”.

So Tom created FlushBrush.

Sara Davies goes all in

Tom was asking for a £50,000 investment for 20% equity. But one of the things which struck the Dragons was that they would be investing more in the idea than the actual business.

During his time in the Den, Tom presented them with a prototype of the FlushBrush and was in the process of securing the patent on the idea.

Although Peter, Deborah and Tej were not sold on Tom’s idea, he won the support of Sara and Touker.

Touker was willing to split the £50,000 investment with fellow Dragon Sara – as they did for Tancream earlier in the episode – for a 25% stake each.

But Sara wanted to go solo on this one, offering Tom all of the money for a third of the business. This was the deal Tom went for.

How to buy the FlushBrush

The FlushBrush is coming towards the end of its development and the business is taking pre-orders from September 2019.

The product’s design has altered slightly, looking sleeker in design than the prototype featured in the episode.

Although Sara invested, FlushBrush is also crowdfunding to get the production going. And when they reach their funding goal, the FlushBrush will be produced in six months. Tom is hoping to have the toilet brush available in Spring 2020.

The toilet brush will be available to purchase through the FlushBrush website and if all goes well there, Tom hopes they will be stocked in retail stores.

You can also follow FlushBrush’s progress on Instagram @flush.brush.

Screenshot: Flush Brush on Dragons Den S17 E1 – iPlayer