Peter Jones is the last remaining original Dragon from the first series of Dragons’ Den.

Dragons’ Den has been on our television screens since 2005, amassing a total of 16 series. Since then, there has been a roster of 17 different dragons on the show.

And, after Duncan Bannatyne left after season 12, Peter Jones is now the only original Dragon left standing from series one.

So it’s about time we did some digging into Peter’s net worth and how he actually became rich…

Dragons’ Den: Peter Jones. BBC Two.

What is Peter Jones’ Net Worth?

Peter Jones’s net worth is currently estimated to be around £435 million.

That figure has almost doubled since 2010 when his net worth was around £220 million.

Not a bad eight years for Pete, then.

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How Did Peter Jones Get Rich?

Jones set up a business in which he made personal computers in his mid-twenties. Around the same time, he also opened a cocktail bar in Windsor based on the Tom Cruise film Cocktail.

Both of these ventures failed, however, and he was forced to sell his three-bedroom home and cars, and move back in with his parents.

Nevertheless, good ol’ Pete quickly joined phone company Siemens Nixdorf and soon got back on his feet. He then set up his next business, Phones International Group, in 1998, and it all worked out from there.

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Is Peter the Richest Dragon?

Peter Jones is now officially the richest Dragon on Dragons’ Den.


After trailing to Duncan Bannatyne for quite some time, Jones leapfrogged his former colleague after Bannatyne went through a pretty draining divorce.

The divorce sapped his net worth, reducing it from £430 million to around £280 million, while Peter Jones has gone in the other direction – from £220 million to £435 million.

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How Many Deals Has Peter Jones Made on Dragons’ Den?

Peter Jones has made a total of 65 deals across the last 15 seasons, averaging just over four deals per series.

He’s a pretty prolific investor, it seems, and he also holds the record for the highest amount of deals in a single season, 10.

Note to future contestants – target Peter Jones!

Dragons Den: Peter Jones. BBC Two.

Is Peter Jones the Highest Investor on Dragons’ Den?

He is, in terms of deals made. Peter’s total of 65 deals struck is the highest of all the Dragons. In second place is Deborah Meaden, who struck 64 deals in two seasons fewer than Peter.

In terms of the highest investment made per season, Peter is joint top.

Jones has made the highest single investment in a series on three separate occasions: seasons one, two and 14. This is the same record as Duncan Bannatyne.

The highest single investment overall, however, goes to Theo Paphitis. His investment of £250,000 in series 10 has never been topped.

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