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Dragons' Den: Where is Rupert Sweet Escott now? Air Bike creator update!

Comedian Joe Lycett is presenting a special Dragons’ Den series this summer which relives the best pitches and inventions from the past seventeen series.

Dragons’ Den: Best Ever Pitches kicked off this trip down memory lane on Sunday, May 24th.

One of the notable stars revisited in episode 2 (Sunday, May 31st) was Rupert Sweet-Escott. The eccentric inventor captured the audience’s heart with his impressive Air Bike but his less-than-impressive pitching skills.

But where is Rupert Sweet-Escott now? What happened to the Dragons’ Den inventor after appearing on the show? We’ve done some digging for updates in 2020!

Screenshot: Dragons’ Den Best Ever Pitches E2 – iPlayer

Who is Rupert Sweet-Escott?

Rupert Sweet-Escott is an inventor from Exeter, Devon. He specialises in developing new aviation and renewable energy systems, some of which we got to see on Dragons’ Den.

From his LinkedIn profile, we can see that Rupert has been designing experimental aircrafts since 2009.

On the USOSAFE website, it says that Rupert won Ideal Inventor of the Year in 2011, Grand Designs Green Hero in 2011 and Leonardo da Vinci European Design Award Nominee back in 1995.

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Rupert’s Air Bike invention

In the episode, Rupert said: “What I’m offering is pedal-powered enhancement of performance, so basically you can take off from flat ground using a compressed air motor and recharge your batteries in flight.”

Rupert then got his friend Dominic to show how his Air Bike invention worked.

Rupert was looking for an £80,000 investment from the Dragons, which not only would go towards his Air Bike but more of his inventions, such as the chimney-style wind turbine.

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Where is Rupert Sweet-Escott now?

It was inevitable that viewers would have questions about what happened to Rupert after his iconic Dragons’ Den pitch.

One viewer asked: “I wonder whatever happened to Rupert after James Caan had invested in his business. With his crazy inventions did he get anywhere with them?”

Rupert is continuing to design aircrafts and specialised turbines. You can check out his work at Bella Turbines here.





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