Easy Ways to Live Well's protein test branded "ridiculous" by viewers - Steph fails to impress!

There is a whole host of programmes on the telly at the mo’ which are seeking to transform the way we live our lives for the better.

From Save Money: Lose Weight to Lose Weight and Get Fit, the majority of them are centred on shedding those extra pounds many of us pile on over the winter season. But now there’s a new show in the mix, whose emphasis is less on losing weight and more about adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Easy Ways to Live Well is a brand new show headed up by beloved BBC presenter Steph McGovern and celebrated chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

But episode 2 (Wednesday, January 29th) had some viewers questioning the suggested dietary tips on the show – they didn’t go down too well!

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Easy Ways to Live Well’s take on protein

In the second episode, everything from fussy eating families to painkiller-popping gardeners were under scrutiny. But when Steph and Hugh turned their attention to protein, things took a turn for the worse.

The popularity of protein-filled products right now might suggest that people are concerned with their lack of the nutrient. From protein powders and shakes to special bars and added supplements, it’s everywhere at the moment.

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Steph, along with three volunteers, all put protein to the test. Over the course of 12 hours, they doubled their daily protein intake using whey powder shakes to see whether it made a real difference to their nutrients levels.

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Protein results

The analysis returned with some pretty dismal results.

It said:

When we eat protein, it is broken down into amino acids which are then either used to make new human tissue protein or excreted as urea – this urea is measured by nitrogen content.

The results at the end of the experiment showed that Steph’s nitrogen excretion went up by over 50%.

The email continued:

Taking these protein supplements you have roughly doubled your protein intake for the day, and the data suggest that in the first 12 hours – over half of this extra protein has come out in your urine.

So it’s a bust, or a “very expensive wee” as Steph put it.

Vegans can’t eat whey

Protein largely comes from whey, a byproduct of cheese-making. It’s a waste product, meaning it’s incredibly cheap to produce, and yet, we’re paying ridiculous amounts for the protein powders sold to us each year. The sports protein market is worth a mega £400million alone!

But as it is a dairy byproduct, vegans obviously avoid consuming whey and other protein supplements.

However, when Steph visited Dr Rick Miller – of King Edward VII Hospital in London – he suggested that it was important that vegans used these products to ensure they get enough protein.

It left a lot of viewers face-palming, as you can imagine… we don’t think anyone will be heading to Dr Rick for nutritional advice anytime soon!

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