Eat Well For Less? returned to our screens for a sixth series on Thursday, May 23rd!

With more shopping tips and some super simple, delicious recipes, fans of the show were glad to have it back.

But after the first episode aired, the second did not air the following week.

So what happened with Eat Well For Less? episode 2 and when will it be on? Here is everything you need to know…

Vegetable tagine from Eat Well For Less? S6 E1.

What happened to Eat Well For Less? season 6 episode 2?

After the success of the first episode, fans were so excited to see what was lined up for the second episode.

But when the night of broadcast came (Thursday, May 30th), episode 2 was nowhere to be seen…

Instead, a repeat of the final episode of season 5 aired, which although featured some very delicious berry crumble bars was not what fans were after!

Why was the episode not on?

Nothing has been confirmed about why the episode was not on or why it was replaced with an old episode.

But even more confusion about the show’s absence rose when the show’s presenters confirmed season 6 would not return until Wednesday, June 12th.

This means not only the show has gone off air, but it’s changing broadcast dates.

One disgruntled Twitter user asked, “why does this happen every series?” suggesting these early absences are not uncommon in the Eat Well For Less? world.

How to watch Eat Well For Less?

Currently, the first episode of series 6 is on the BBC iPlayer, but that’s it.

Hopefully, when the show starts to broadcast the new season from June 12th onwards they will stick to their regular schedule.

The episodes will all be available on the iPlayer after broadcast.

We will update this page with any new information about where Eat Well For Less? has gone.

BBC iPlayer: Eat Well for Less - Priya Tew
BBC iPlayer: Eat Well for Less


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