With the return of Eat Well For Less? for its sixth series comes the return of Greg and Chris to help families across the nation with some delicious, low-cost recipe ideas.

But in episode 3 (Wednesday, June 26th) of the new series, viewers were surprised with the heartbreaking backstory of The Carters.

Just five minutes into the episode and viewers were in floods of tears.

So what happened to The Carters and how was their experience on Eat Well For Less?

Here is everything you need to know about The Carters and how they’re getting on now!

Eat Well For Less? S6 E3 – Denise and Steve

Who are The Carters?

The Carters are a family from Belfast, Northern Ireland who were in desperate need of a culinary shakeup.

Dad to four kids Steve relied on convenience rather than price or how healthy meals were, trying to appeal to all of his children – particularly Lia, the youngest and fussiest eater!

Steve was married to Denise, who he met in his twenties whilst travelling around Australia. They had four children together; Cameron, Ethan, Aaron and then Lia.

But a heartbreaking tragedy soon struck the Carters.

What happened to Steve’s wife Denise?

Whilst giving birth to their fourth child and only daughter Lia, Denise suffered from a fatal brain haemorrhage.

She died whilst at the hospital, leaving Steve as the sole parent to their now four children.

Steve broke all of our hearts when he recounted having “to come home and sit down the boys and explain to them in the same breath that they’d got a brand new baby sister, but their mummy wasn’t coming home”.

We think this may go down as the most tearjerking episode of Eat Well For Less? ever…

Eat Well For Less? S6 E3.

How have The Carters done after being on Eat Well For Less?

Steve was concerned with the family’s spending. He had to give up his full-time career as a bank manager after Denise passed away and focus all of his efforts on looking after the children.

Steve currently works part-time as a lollipop man at the local primary school but was keen to start saving up for the family to do something nice together such as go on holiday.

And it would seem that it’s been a great success!

Steve took to Facebook to say that after Greg and Chris helped them out with their food spending habits, “We have already saved £2000 in a savings account so far this year!!!!!”

Well done to The Carters!


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