Eat Well for Less? has seen its fair share of shocking diets and spending since it started airing on the BBC back in 2015.

But 2019 saw a couple who shocked viewers across the nation with their ridiculously unhealthy diet.

Series 6 episode 4 saw Gregg and Chris intervene in the homes of  “fussy eater Rita” and Pete Walton, who needed a serious makeover of their eating habits.

Here’s why viewers were outraged over Rita and Pete’s Eat Well for Less? appearance!

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Who are the Waltons?

Rita and Pete are a couple living in Nottinghamshire who have been married for over 37 years. They have two sons, Chris and Shawn and eight grandchildren!

Rita sought out the help from Gregg and Chris as she was concerned about the health problems the couple we’re facing.

Both of them had type 2 diabetes for over 20 years, which is the type developed from diet rather than genes, and it was causing health complications. Rita was facing blindness, a typical health problem that comes from being diabetic.

Pete also struggled with arthritis on top of his type 2 diabetes.

Rita signed up as she wanted “to be able to cook something not only nutritious but tasty as well.”

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Sugar central

Despite her career as an NHS nurse, a fact which shocked viewers, Rita was leading a terrible diet.

Rita and Pete stocked up on biscuits, sweet treats, chocolate and puddings. A typical day could see them consuming over 4200 calories – way over the recommended 2000 – thanks to additional snacks and meals with high saturated fat.

Chris shocked Rita when he revealed to her that her high sugary diet meant she was consuming 22 kilograms of sugar per year!

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Twitter outrage

There were so many viewers shocked by what they were seeing that Eat Well for Less? was trending on Twitter!

One viewer said: “Living proof why the NHS is under considerable pressure.” Another chipped in: “No empathy for this pair already. every day is a sugar fest and they are diabetic. What sort of example it this setting to their grandchildren?”

But although viewers were outraged at their lack of care for their diet, Rita and Pete were a real success story on Eat Well for Less? Chris said they might be their “biggest transformation” to date. And it showed as Rita lost 1st 5lbs and Pete lost 1st 2lbs after their intervention!



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