Meet Ella Henson: Adam's daughter introduced on Countryfile 2020!

Meet Ella Henson: Adam's daughter introduced on Countryfile 2020!

Despite the global pandemic bringing many TV and film productions to a halt, there are some programmes which have found ingenious ways to keep the show going.

Countryfile is one of such shows, continuing to air new episodes every Sunday night on BBC One.

In Sunday, May 31st’s episode, viewers got to meet Adam Henson’s daughter, as she guest starred in the episode.

So, who is Ella Henson? Find out everything you need to know about Adam Henson’s daughter here!

Screenshot: Countryfile 31/05/2020 – iPlayer

Adam Henson’s daughter Ella on Countryfile

In Sunday night’s episode (May 31st, 2020), Ella leant her famous dad a helping hand. Adam was attempting to film a segment for Countryside Classroom, where farmers film informative videos about animals for school kids to watch while at home.

Adam Henson mentioned that Ella had returned home as of late and so offered to help him out.

They shot a short clip of Adam with some adorable piglets on Ella’s mobile phone.

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Screenshot: Countryfile 31/05/2020 – iPlayer

Who is Ella Henson?

Ella is the elder child of Adam and Charlotte Henson. She has a 17-year-old brother called Alfie.

It is likely that Ella is 22 years old, as she graduated from sixth form college in 2016. Ella studied English Literature, Drama and Psychology and then went on to obtain a degree from the University of Birmingham. Ella received a BA in English Literature and Drama and graduated in 2019.

Ella Henson currently works as a sales coordinator and operations exec for SME London Ltd. This is a huge events company which manages the Countryfile Live events.





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