Watchdog is back on our screens for its 42nd series this autumn, which means the return of Steph McGovern, Nikki Fox and Matt Allwright!

Also joining the Watchdog team is Jen Rogers, who presents the analysis for the ‘Best or Worst’ section.

But time and again, viewers have found faults with her analysis and rankings of products, brands and businesses.

So, who is Jen Rogers? Is she a real statistician and what do fans have to say about her?

Screenshot: Watchdog S42 E5 – iPlayer

Who is Jen from Watchdog?

Jennifer “Jen” Rogers is the 34-year-old resident statistician on BBC’s Watchdog.

Her impressive career began with a degree in maths with statistics at Lancaster University. She graduated in 2006 and completed her Masters in stats a year later.


Jen became a professor of statistics when she completed her PhD at the University of Warwick in 2011.

She is currently the Director of Statistical Consultancy Services at the University of Oxford and also an associate professor there.

Rogers is also the vice president for external affairs of the Royal Statistical Society.

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Faulty rankings

One viewer asked on Twitter, “I’d like to know how ‘jen’ has done her so called ‘analysis’.”

Issues with Jen Rogers’ methodology arose again in series 42 episode 5 (Thursday, October 10th) as she placed a bank which was known to have security issues as the best of the bunch.

Fans on Twitter rolled out the complaints with her rankings, so many complaints were made that Steph McGovern had to clarify how Jen had ended up with Metro Bank at the number 1 spot. One viewer Tweeted that she had “pathetic rankings.”

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Follow Jen on social media

If you’re a fan of Jen’s on Watchdog then be sure to follow her on Twitter.

Most of Jen’s posts are about her work but she occasionally comments on her dodgy analysis and often in a joking manner.

Check out what she had to say about ranking Virgin Trains at the bottom… at least she can take the criticisms with a pinch of salt!

Follow Jennifer @StatsJen.