Eggheads is one of the BBC’s most popular and long-standing quiz shows, and the brainiacs at the heart of the show have become household names since the series began in 2003.

Each episode quiz teams from across the nation assemble to take on the Eggheads. And what’s more, there’s a cash prize at stake which rolls over per episode if the Eggheads can’t be beaten. There’s some serious dosh at stake… the largest prize any team has won is £75,000!

The hit quiz show is back for its 21st series in 2019 and kicked off back on May 21st.

But with the return of a new season reminds some long-term viewers of how the show has changed over the years. Particularly with a new lineup of Eggheads.

So whatever happened to Daphne Fowler, the eldest ever Egghead? Where is she now?

Eggheads in 2013 (L-R): Chris Hughes, Barry Simmons, Daphne Fowler, Dave Rainford, Judith Keppel, Pat Gibson, Kevin Ashman

Who is Daphne Fowler from Eggheads?

Daphne was born Daphne Bradshaw on January 5th, 1939 in Warwick. During childhood, she moved to Cheriton, Kent and attended Folkestone Girls Grammar School.

From a young age, Daphne loved school and studying. She earned her place at the University of Exeter and obtained a degree in Theology. Whilst Daphne was at university, she was one of 5,500 women who were allowed to study as undergraduates.

After graduating, Daphne began working as a secretary in a NatWest bank branch.

She married her first husband, Bernard Hudson in 1960 but he tragically passed away of cancer in 1989.

Daphne married Peter Fowler in 1990.

She has five children but not much is known about her private, family life.

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Daphne’s quizzing career

Daphne’s quizzing days began in 1979 at the age of 40, when she appeared on ITV’s Winner Takes All. Rumour has it that two of Daphne’s sons signed her up to Winner Takes All, filling in the application stating that their mum “knows everything.”

Next, Daphne and Bernard appeared on Bullseye together in 1982. Although they were great as a quizzing couple, Daphne was the real star. Check out their appearance here!

In 1988 she had her big break, appearing on BBC’s Going For Gold.

Daphne sailed through Going For Gold and her appearance on the show is stuff of quizzing legends! Her method of winning? Learning thousands of dates off the top of her head.

Her prize for winning took her on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Seoul Olympics!

What else has Daphne been on?

Other game shows she has competed in include Jeaopardy!, Masterteam, Runway and Winner Takes All.

Daphne Fowler twice won Fifteen to One and her performances on that show helped earn her the title of Radio 4’s Brain of Britain in 1997.

In 1997, she was also crowned Masterbrain.

So, it’s no wonder Daphne was chosen for the OG Eggheads team!

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Daphne on Eggheads – bring her back!

When Eggheads kicked off back in 2003, original castmembers Daphne and Chris Hughes had already been competing on the pub quiz circuit together.

The next natural step was to up the ante and take this quizzing knowledge back to the television screens!

Daphne was on Eggheads from the start to May 27th, 2014 when she retired and was replaced by CJ de Mooi. The show’s production had moved from London to Glasgow in 2013 and logistics were making it too difficult for Daphne to continue on the show.

She was also 74-years-old when they made this move, so it’s no surprise she wanted to settle.

Since she left Eggheads, fans have missed Daphne’s quick wit, knowledge and on-screen charisma.

Now that Daphne is 80-years-old and fully retired, she does not participate in the quizzing scene. But that doesn’t stop fans of the show from hoping she will resurface on Eggheads!

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